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Huxleў - 17.09.2021

Mark Cuban rose from the bottom, worked hard and a lot, but all the time he was full of creative ideas and humor. His success story began with a hatred of CEOs, led by whom he was “lucky” to work and who cut all his initiatives at the root, becoming the driving force that brought him to the pinnacle of success.

Aleksandr Kolb - 17.09.2021

In 2014, when we sold the Invisible CRM license to the last major player in the market, Microsoft, we sat down to brainstorm and decided what to do next. We chose to extract data from services that we previously integrated with each other. This made it possible to compare, analyze pipelines and say: “Do this, it led to success, but don’t do that.”

Huxleў - 16.09.2021

Jeff Koons is an extraordinary figure: on the one hand, he is accused of lack of taste, on the other, he is bought for millions. To love Koons or not to love – everyone will have to decide on their own, but it is simply impossible to pass by him, because he is one of the most expensive and recognizable artists of our time.

Huxleў - 16.09.2021

The theory of mind asserts that modeling mental states, the ability to put oneself in the place of another, is the exclusive ability of a person. Scientists consider it even one of the main markers of consciousness. But it turned out that humans are not the only biological species that can simulate mental states.

Oles Maniuk - 15.09.2021

September 12 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great Stanisław Lem. A person who can reasonably be attributed to polymaths – the range of his interests was huge, as was the variety of genres of books he wrote – from philosophical satire to Borges’ short stories and fundamental philosophical works

Huxleў - 15.09.2021

Surprisingly, the thoughts of David Ogilvy, founder of advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather and Ogilvy PR, who came up with ingenious marketing strategies and approaches to advertising 70 years ago, are still relevant today. The secret of this popularity lies in a special flair, which made the unsuccessful copywriter “the most famous wizard of the modern advertising industry”, according to Time magazine

Huxleў - 14.09.2021

Gustavo Adolfo Becquer – this name, unfortunately, is not as familiar to the Ukrainian reader as it deserves. Becquer, however, is considered the most published Spanish-speaking author after Miguel Cervantes. This fact speaks volumes, considering that Don Quixote is the hallmark of the entire Spanish culture.

Vitaliy Gagauz - 13.09.2021

True meanings cannot be external. They are nurtured in silence, in the depths of consciousness. This is a deliberate path. To give birth to something new, a new meaning is the path of the few. It is much easier not to strain and use ready-made templates of society.

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Zhanna Kryuchkova - 14.03.2021

Zhanna Kryuchkova: I watched Persian Lessons in Spain. In my opinion, this is a masterpiece. I’ll start our interview with a kind of an insider tip game. Il onai au (editor’s note: «I love you»). How often have you heard this phrase lately?
Vadim Perelman: I hear this phrase quite often. Even yesterday. By the way, what do I answer? Read in a frank interview especially for Huxleў

Huxleў - 14.03.2021

Vadim Perelman is a director whose debut film, House of Sand and Fog, received three Oscar nominations. In 2020 he released a new film, «Persian Lessons».
Earlier, Huxleў published an interview with the director after the premiere of «Persian Lessons» at the Berlinale, now we reflect on the important things through the prism of the film

Huxleў - 17.05.2021

Vlad Shkolnik: «SHERP is an incredibly versatile vehicle, which is its uniqueness. SHERP floats worse than a boat and moves in the mountains worse than a quad bike, in snow — worse than a snowmobile, in a swamp — worse than a hovercraft, but its whole point is that it travels everywhere»

Huxleў - 24.05.2021

Sergey Samokhvalov is a pioneer of new markets on the world map and the main integrator within the company. A mechanical engineer by education, he believes that one of the most valuable assets of a firm is trust-based relations between partners and alignment at the value level. «We are out of the way with those whom we are out of the way with», — this is what Sergey succinctly says about the life philosophy of partners

Nonna Martynich - 24.05.2021

“How to unite and connect the screen, the actors, the audience? How to implement technically, my friends – Zoom!”, says British director Konstantin Kamensky in an interview with Huxleў

Huxleў - 13.05.2021

Alfred Schnittke about Alemdar Karamanov: «You have no idea what kind of person he is», — he said, — «when you see and hear him, you will immediately realize that he is a genius and a living classic»

Boris Burda - 30.05.2021

Do we remember that he is also our fellow countryman? More often than not, we just don’t know that. But listen to his songs, the links for which are here, and you will be as surprised as I was – how familiar these melodies are to us! They are with us, which means that Dassin continues to live in our memory along with his songs

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