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Aleksandr Kolb - 26.07.2021

Money is success. What I own now and what I want to achieve in the future are two different things. I want to work harder, achieve more. Build a great story. SendPulse is a small success so far.

Huxleў - 23.07.2021

“Is there anything more important in the world than sex? Of course there is: love and friendship. Sex, like money, is important only when you don’t have it… Because I have sex, wealth and beautiful women in my life, those who look at me behave like “American psychopaths”. Because we are all, in fact, Puritans: we love sex, but we are ashamed of it and everything connected with it. That’s why, in fact, I created Playboy”, – Hugh Hefner

Andrey Kostyuchenko - 23.07.2021

The story of a simple Ukrainian guy, born in the GDR, in the family of a career soldier who graduated from the Black Sea National University (at that time, a branch of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy) in Nikolaev in 2006, can serve as a good example of how, with a great desire, you can become an ordinary Ukrainian dollar billionaire

Elena Okuneva - 22.07.2021

His style can be defined as mythological archeology. He continuously conducts “cultural excavations”, mining and imprinting on his canvases the fragments and fossils of some disappeared world and lost experience, which, nevertheless, we continue to yearn for…

Huxleў - 22.07.2021

Fiction is an empathy trainer. The book develops our ability to better understand other people, their beliefs, thoughts, desires. But prolonged refusal to read, on the contrary, significantly impairs our social and cognitive abilities

Lana Mitchenko - 20.07.2021

Each of us has a “basement” – our unconscious level. It is difficult to see there, it is illuminated by a light bulb of only 15 watts. There are shelves on which “canned jars” are placed. Among these cans there are signed – “offense”, “fear”. It is worse when a person with such a “basement” of the unconscious has gained power …

Huxleў - 20.07.2021

The larger the brain, the more empathy the animal can show. But also great cruelty. The human brain is about 3 times larger than that of a monkey. Therefore, it is not surprising that such a terrible atrocity and the ability to compassion, as in the human race, we will not find in the animal world

Huxleў - 19.07.2021

Our ideas about physics have not changed much since the time of Plato, we just switched to another language of description. Earth is the “name” of the solid state of matter, water – liquid, air – gaseous, fire – plasma. Well, space has remained space

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Zhanna Kryuchkova - 14.03.2021

Zhanna Kryuchkova: I watched Persian Lessons in Spain. In my opinion, this is a masterpiece. I’ll start our interview with a kind of an insider tip game. Il onai au (editor’s note: «I love you»). How often have you heard this phrase lately?
Vadim Perelman: I hear this phrase quite often. Even yesterday. By the way, what do I answer? Read in a frank interview especially for Huxleў

Huxleў - 14.03.2021

Vadim Perelman is a director whose debut film, House of Sand and Fog, received three Oscar nominations. In 2020 he released a new film, «Persian Lessons».
Earlier, Huxleў published an interview with the director after the premiere of «Persian Lessons» at the Berlinale, now we reflect on the important things through the prism of the film

Huxleў - 17.05.2021

Vlad Shkolnik: «SHERP is an incredibly versatile vehicle, which is its uniqueness. SHERP floats worse than a boat and moves in the mountains worse than a quad bike, in snow — worse than a snowmobile, in a swamp — worse than a hovercraft, but its whole point is that it travels everywhere»

Huxleў - 24.05.2021

Sergey Samokhvalov is a pioneer of new markets on the world map and the main integrator within the company. A mechanical engineer by education, he believes that one of the most valuable assets of a firm is trust-based relations between partners and alignment at the value level. «We are out of the way with those whom we are out of the way with», — this is what Sergey succinctly says about the life philosophy of partners

Nonna Martynich - 24.05.2021

“How to unite and connect the screen, the actors, the audience? How to implement technically, my friends – Zoom!”, says British director Konstantin Kamensky in an interview with Huxleў

Huxleў - 13.05.2021

Alfred Schnittke about Alemdar Karamanov: «You have no idea what kind of person he is», — he said, — «when you see and hear him, you will immediately realize that he is a genius and a living classic»

Boris Burda - 30.05.2021

Do we remember that he is also our fellow countryman? More often than not, we just don’t know that. But listen to his songs, the links for which are here, and you will be as surprised as I was – how familiar these melodies are to us! They are with us, which means that Dassin continues to live in our memory along with his songs

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