Our key difference is that you can’t bring us money and say: “Here’s your money, manage it”. We do the client’s risk profile, we help define goals, but all decisions are up to the user. Our task is to help him do this as reasonably as possible and with the minimum commission

Aleksandr Kolb - 18.06.2021

Bevza’s exclusive technique is rubbing paint, through which the already inseparable pair of canvas and oil becomes completely inseparable. This therapeutic, ritualistic action literally leaves a unique imprint of the artist, his feelings, his moods

Elena Okuneva - 17.06.2021

Throughout its history, mankind has attempted to reduce all the diversity of life to some established norm once and for all. The problem is that it was the attempts to fit a person into the Procrustean framework of the norm that ended in the darkest follies

Oles Maniuk - 16.06.2021

Beauty is indeed a frightening force. Neurosurgeon Edson Amancio published an article proving that Fyodor Dostoyevsky suffered from Stendhal syndrome while viewing Hans Holbein’s masterpiece of art, The Dead Christ in the Coffin, during his visit to the museum in Basel. His impressions of this painting are described in detail in his novel The Idiot

Huxleў - 16.06.2021
Liberal Arts

In the process of studying the objective world, a person learns things and phenomena, gives them names, forms concepts and determines the relationship between them. Therefore, the role of positive and negative emotional-evaluative nicknames is extremely large

Huxleў - 15.06.2021
Liberal Arts

The historical role of the baptist of the country is very conducive to the creation of legends. Moreover, legends about the circumstances of the change of faith are usually not very convenient to refute – the victorious faith can become very angry

Boris Burda - 13.06.2021
Liberal Arts

There is no place for snobbery in the perception of art. A good movie can be of any genre, and if it is in this format that talented directors and actors can open up – take it for granted and enjoy the work of art

Vitaly Pisarenko - 12.06.2021
Liberal Arts

The trains that appeared in the 19th century provided opportunities for individual travel, in the 20th century airplanes expanded it a lot … But how can a heavy suitcase be brought to these vehicles without any problems?

Boris Burda - 12.06.2021

Ukraine has the opportunity to become an IT country. I would say that the choice is like this: either poverty or IT. If we manage to maintain the existing level of freedom and add economic growth to it, we will become one of the most successful and comfortable countries in Europe

Aleksandr Kolb - 11.06.2021

Now, according to the new ethics, Solomukha could be accused of all paternalistic sins, like the objectification of the female body, because he himself, without hiding, said that “he uses the female body as a language with which one can speak absolutely about everything”

Elena Okuneva - 10.06.2021
Liberal Arts

For thousands of years, people have been struggling to unravel the nature of evil … But, it turns out, it is enough to give a person a negative characterization in order to “dehumanize” him and release the “beast outside”. How harmless are the nicknames and nicknames that we give to other people?

Huxleў - 10.06.2021
Liberal Arts

The term “catharsis” came to us from the ancient Greek language and is found in the treatises of Aristotle, meaning: compassion for educational purposes. Identification of one’s emotional sphere and the acquisition of the skill to manage emotions allows humanity to discover new stages of evolution and thereby solve many global social problems of the world

Darya Gubareva - 08.06.2021