The theory of mind asserts that modeling mental states, the ability to put oneself in the place of another, is the exclusive ability of a person. Scientists consider it even one of the main markers of consciousness. But it turned out that humans are not the only biological species that can simulate mental states.

Huxleў - 16.09.2021
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September 12 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great Stanisław Lem. A person who can reasonably be attributed to polymaths – the range of his interests was huge, as was the variety of genres of books he wrote – from philosophical satire to Borges’ short stories and fundamental philosophical works

Oles Maniuk - 15.09.2021

Surprisingly, the thoughts of David Ogilvy, founder of advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather and Ogilvy PR, who came up with ingenious marketing strategies and approaches to advertising 70 years ago, are still relevant today. The secret of this popularity lies in a special flair, which made the unsuccessful copywriter “the most famous wizard of the modern advertising industry”, according to Time magazine

Huxleў - 15.09.2021
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Gustavo Adolfo Becquer – this name, unfortunately, is not as familiar to the Ukrainian reader as it deserves. Becquer, however, is considered the most published Spanish-speaking author after Miguel Cervantes. This fact speaks volumes, considering that Don Quixote is the hallmark of the entire Spanish culture.

Huxleў - 14.09.2021

True meanings cannot be external. They are nurtured in silence, in the depths of consciousness. This is a deliberate path. To give birth to something new, a new meaning is the path of the few. It is much easier not to strain and use ready-made templates of society.

Vitaliy Gagauz - 13.09.2021
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It is very important for a writer not only to be heard by his contemporaries, but also to say something meaningful to his descendants. And with this, Sholem Aleichem clearly worked out – even with the success in our times of productions and films, one can understand from his books that he is quite in demand

Boris Burda - 12.09.2021
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If you have money, can you buy whatever you need? For various reasons – not always. The most elementary thing – you just didn’t keep track of your expenses and you ran out of money in your pocket? Well, run home? And if you are in another city, and you need money urgently? What to do?

Boris Burda - 11.09.2021

In his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Powerful tools for personal development. Stephen Covey offered clear strategies for success without wasting a single printed page on verbal “water”. More than 20 years after the book was published, these seven skills not only have not lost their relevance, but also help millions of people to successfully conduct business, develop and build a business.

Huxleў - 10.09.2021
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Collagen, like glue, sticks together cells and tissues into one whole, ensures their vital activity and is the skeleton of our body. Without full structural support for collagen, our skin, blood vessels, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bones become fragile and vulnerable. Aleksey Bashkirtsev, chief physician of Edem Resort Medical & SPA, tells about how to ensure the health of connective tissue

Alexey Bashkirtsev - 10.09.2021

For the artist, maps are a tool with which he reveals any topic, the language in which he speaks with the viewer about issues of concern to him. «The map is one of the most powerful symbols that civilization has created. The only thing that is not in the map are non-material, non-visual concepts. For example, such a thing as time. There is no map of emotions, experiences. But for this there is a picture…»

Elena Okuneva - 09.09.2021

Genetic programming, CRISPR therapy, artificial heart placement are the main discoveries this summer


Rose Marcario stepped down as Chief Financial Officer of Patagonia, forever inscribing her name on the leadership list of this century and leaving behind a financially strong company that has become a model for social and environmental activism. It was with her light hand that Patagonia consumers were able to feel part of the movement that is changing the planet for the better

Huxleў - 08.09.2021