Борис Бурда
Boris Burda
Journalist, writer, bard. Winner of the «Diamond Owl» intellectual game «What? Where? When?»

There are a few minor roles in this play, but basically it’s a theater of two actors, two different roles. One of them can earn fame and immense popularity, while for the other it is almost impossible – no one will let him on stage more than once. But this second actor can also deserve various awards. What is the highest?

Boris Burda - 03.12.2023

Its relations with Ukraine are getting better and may bear fruit. In the meantime, many are simply pleased that the girl, recognized by at least one poll as the sexiest in the world, was born on our land. However, who would doubt?

Boris Burda - 20.02.2022

In 1642, the royal quartermaster of Normandy was constantly engaged in complex and responsible work — the calculation of collected taxes. There were no computers and smartphones back then, so you had to add manually. It was hard, long and accompanied by mistakes. How did his son help him in this difficult work?

Boris Burda - 19.02.2022

Do they remember him now? Art lovers all over the world remember, of course. Many prizes of international competitions are named after him, in Paris there is Nijinsky Street. But in my native Kyiv there is no such street, and I did not even find information about the memorial plaque. Maybe I’m wrong.

Boris Burda - 13.02.2022

It is difficult to shout to Mr. Watson – he is in another room, 20 meters away, even if you shout a lot – he will not hear. What to do to call him softly, and he could hear and come?

Boris Burda - 12.02.2022

Only two things are noticeable, in which Razumovky was not afraid to disturb his powerful wife with persistent requests. The first is help to clerics, and the second is continuous requests for various favors to his native land, Ukraine.

These requests were successful. Ukraine was granted great benefits — from the confirmation of the ancient advantages of the city of Kyiv to the free import of bread from Poland. Moreover, the withdrawal of military regiments from there was carried out, because then the wait was burdensome. But the main thing is the restoration of the hetmanship in Ukraine, that is, an attribute of an independent state.

Boris Burda - 06.02.2022

Being a slob is not good — there is no doubts about it. But a talented person can benefit even from a lack.
This way did this farmer’s son, who used his own carelessness to make two discoveries: the first is very important, and the second is simply great. Which one?

Boris Burda - 05.02.2022

November 9, the day of honoring the memory of Nestor the Chronicler since 1997, is celebrated as the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language. And this is understandable — after all, Nestor is, perhaps, the first writer known to us for all speakers of East Slavic languages. Undoubtedly — Ukrainian too

Boris Burda - 30.01.2022

At the end of the 19th century, Americans knew that it was the food of the poor from certain ethnic groups, and they were not at all eager to include it in their diet. However, their preferences were changed by talented advertising and proper packaging. What is the main innovation that was used to create this packaging?

Boris Burda - 29.01.2022

Her difficult but glorious life continues – let her live longer and have time to find out how many people around the world admired her victories, culture, intelligence and willpower, let her continue to prove to us that the starting position in life is not the main thing, and the hard work shown, will and endurance will help to achieve everything

Boris Burda - 23.01.2022

A little while ago, in all major cities, sorry for the unappetizing detail, everyone was bothered by terrible smells of you know what.
And the beginning of the solution of this problem was laid by an invention named after the letter of the Latin alphabet.
Which letter?

Boris Burda - 22.01.2022

His art is still popular and relevant, disputes about him do not subside. He is also remembered in Ukraine. In Uzhgorod, two monuments were erected to him, and in April 2016, the former October Square in the village of Mynai was named after Andy Warhol. But perhaps this is not enough…

Boris Burda - 16.01.2022

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