Борис Бурда
Boris Burda
Journalist, writer, bard. Winner of the "Diamond Owl" intellectual game "What? Where? When?"

In our time, his good name has been restored and is not in doubt, and his memory has been immortalized in many different ways. But the losses incurred by humanity due to the humiliation and death of such an outstanding mind, no one will compensate – it is impossible. It remains only to remember and not allow it in the future.

Boris Burda - 28.11.2021

Before World War II, British pilots noticed that it was difficult for them to take notes in flight – the pens were flowing due to the pressure difference (at altitude, the air was thinner). How to get out of this situation?

Boris Burda - 27.11.2021

Let’s hope that we will still hear about the new successes of the grandson of the inhabitants of Belaya Tserkov – of course, far from us, but who is to blame? Things are only treasured when they’ve disappeared. We must at least remember about such people and live so that they do not leave us.

Boris Burda - 21.11.2021

The Great Depression has not ended in the United States yet, and it is difficult for an engineer who has lost his job to find one. His work – the installation of heating equipment in houses – has little meaning, when one can only dream of large-scale construction. How could he sell this dream?

Boris Burda - 20.11.2021

In 1964, giving an interview to the French magazine The XXth century, he said, “Who knows if I would have thought so if the Ukrainian sun had not ignited in me a feeling of longing for something that I myself do not understand?”

Boris Burda - 14.11.2021

In 1801, the great watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet invented the tourbillon, a device that increases the accuracy of the watch. But now the watch is already very accurate, and the tourbillon significantly increases its value. How to sell a tourbillon watch?

Boris Burda - 13.11.2021

Her hobbies were not crippled by any moral considerations, or feigned chastity, or everyday taboos… She was free long before the “general female liberation”.

Boris Burda - 07.11.2021

Coca-Cola’s main competitor (Pepsi Cola, of course) has released a number of witty advertisements with one common idea: the Coca-Cola drinker is unsuccessful and dull, but as soon as he drinks Pepsi Cola, miracles begin… How to neutralize this ad?

Boris Burda - 06.11.2021

Do not blame me for recalling such a fellow countryman – we have all sorts of them. If someone reproaches, asking a rhetorical question, “Do I really advise you to take an example from him?”, I will honestly answer, “Yes, I do! But not in everything!”

Boris Burda - 31.10.2021

In the Middle Ages, Arabic numerals appeared in Europe (in fact, Indian, but everyone is already used to calling them that). They are more convenient and simpler, but who knows if there is no harmful witchcraft in them? In addition, it is much easier to forge them than the usual Roman ones. What to do?

Boris Burda - 30.10.2021

While there is no need to perpetuate the memory of Philip Kotler – at 90 he is quite cheerful and can do something else. But for what had already been done, he was repeatedly noted with a variety of honors. They are given to outstanding scientists for their undoubted successes. It’s nice that among the 22 universities that awarded him the title of Honorary Doctorate, there are both the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and the Shevchenko Kyiv National University.

Boris Burda - 24.10.2021

At the beginning of the 20th century, a Swiss engineer walked with his dog somewhere, and it came home with a bunch of thistles entangled in the wool. He could just comb them out, but he didn’t stop there. What did he do?

Boris Burda - 23.10.2021

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