Борис Бурда
Boris Burda
Journalist, writer, bard. Winner of the «Diamond Owl» intellectual game «What? Where? When?»

Before the Chicago slaughterhouse, Midwestern cattle in the 19th century had to be driven under their own power, losing weight along the way. They began to transport by rail – the death rate increased on the way. What to do?

Boris Burda - 15.01.2022

After him, 24,223 documents remained, of which 14,572 were signed by Catherine II, and 9,651 by himself, but they were personally created by him to the last. This workaholic left such a mark in history – now let the biographers figure out what is good and what is not. They have enough work!

Boris Burda - 09.01.2022

At the end of the 17th century, this enterprising man, wanting to accustom the inhabitants of the city to a new drink, distributed it himself through the streets in jugs on a tray — one kreuzer apiece

But the product was not in demand: firstly, as it came from the hated conquerors, and secondly, because it tasted bitter!

How to change the attitude of residents to this drink?

Boris Burda - 08.01.2022

Monuments to him have been erected in Lviv, Halych, Ternopil and Volodymyr-Volynskiy, and in Dnipro, Lutsk and Vinnytsia there are streets named in his honor. Even the state award of Ukraine, established in 2003, bears his name. But the main thing is not in memorial actions. We remember him as a living character in history, who, although he ruled in difficult times, did everything he could

Boris Burda - 02.01.2022

The era of the Great Geographical Discoveries (XV-XVII centuries) rapidly expanded the world known to Europeans. One of the most important roles in it was played by a certain prince, who did not make any special travels. What paradoxical nickname did he get?

Boris Burda - 01.01.2022

A fascinating, adventurous and tragic novel is the biography of one of the most famous princes of Kievan Rus – here both a high position from childhood, and his deprivation due to the intrigues of enemies, and a long, which took decades, return of the unjustly taken away. Read it – it will be interesting

Boris Burda - 26.12.2021

It is not easy for aristocrats in our time – no honor, no worship … And this descendant of an ancient Tuscan family has its own aristocratic whim – he loves to have to take less luggage for the trip.
What should he, the poor man, do?

Boris Burda - 25.12.2021

It looks like he got a little overreacted, calling the Titanic the biggest success of his life. However, this may just be coquetry — it is quite clear that no success has been ordered for him …

Boris Burda - 19.12.2021

In 1762, the Englishman James Dodson studied church books and rural cemeteries for a long time. What kind of new business did he create as a result of these labors?

Boris Burda - 18.12.2021

In 2007, composer Victor Argonov created the opera 2032: The Legend of a Lost Future. According to its plot, Glushkov’s ideas were nevertheless implemented, and the USSR did not disintegrate, but flourished with the help of an effective computer control system. Could it be be? Ask another question: would it be allowed to be implemented? Life itself gave the answer …

Boris Burda - 12.12.2021

In the 16th century, a talented barber treated those who lost an arm or a leg as best he could, and even occasionally saved them — but very rarely. What helped him to dramatically increase his survival rate for such severe injuries, if at first he was rather afraid of this?

Boris Burda - 11.12.2021

Monuments to him have been erected in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and in a number of other places. There are streets of Petro Mohyla in Brovary, Vinnytsia, Kovel, Lviv, Lutsk and Rivne. But the most lively and promising monument to him is the university he created, the famous Mohyla Academy , in which thousands of young men and women have already received and will receive a high-quality education, remembering the person who laid the foundation for this

Boris Burda - 05.12.2021

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