Алексей Ботвинов
Alexey Botvinov
Pianist, founder of Odessa Classics

«…on his way from Kyiv, he saw scenes of immense human suffering, and a melody was born within him. Valentin wanted to play it. It was pure improvisation; no one expected it. The entire hall anticipated tragic music of sorrow and grief. But Valentin sat at the piano and played a melody of incredible beauty, light, and harmony. It was a complete shock — the contrast of such otherworldly, angelic music with the horrors of war that inspired it. This is Silvestrov — paradoxical genius…»

Alexey Botvinov - 17.06.2024

There are people for whom life and music are synonymous. Sebastian Knauer sat down at the piano at the age of 5. And almost immediately, he was recognized as a prodigy

Alexey Botvinov - 10.01.2024

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