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The production, delivery and disposal of clothing is harmful to the environment. The fashion industry threatens to destroy the world if nothing changes. Ukrainian and international investor of sustainable development projects Mykhailo Merkulov talks about how to reengineering the industry, about reorientation to marginality instead of profitability, the revival of tailor-made clothes and the eco-friendly life paradigm of zoomers

Huxleў - 19.05.2023

Why do Ukrainians successfully resist one of the strongest armies in the world, which, according to some criteria, is second only to the US armed forces? What kind of assistance to Ukraine should be expected from Western partners? These and other questions in an interview with Huxleў are answered by Leonid Shiman, General Director of the State Enterprise “Scientific Production Association “Pavlograd Chemical Plant”

Huxleў - 04.03.2022

Japanese psychiatrists described an incredible case: a patient with schizophrenia was cured quite by accident – by bone marrow transplantation. At first, doctors thought that this was a temporary phenomenon and the disease would return. However, several years have passed since then, but the patient still does not show any signs of schizophrenia

Huxleў - 24.02.2022

Marie Skłodowska-Curie proved to the world that women can be great scientists. She has been awarded the Nobel Prizes in Physics and Chemistry and is the first female Nobel laureate in history. But, despite her merits, she very often preferred to stay in the shadow of her husband, and she gave discoveries to humanity – free of charge

Huxleў - 23.02.2022

Is there a connection between meaning and sound? This debate has been going on for thousands of years. In the twentieth century, linguistics unconditionally accepted the postulate of the arbitrariness of this connection. Although, starting with Plato, many philosophers were convinced of the opposite. Language is a system of understanding of the world. Moreover, the worldview itself, in which sound and meaning are merged. Modern science tends to agree with this opinion of philosophers

Huxleў - 22.02.2022

Google`s director of engineering Ray Kurzweil has long, and with good reason, been dubbed a “restless genius.” And all because Ray has a huge track record of fairly accurate predictions and is not afraid to put exact dates in his forecasts

Huxleў - 21.02.2022

The life path of the world-famous French singer and film actress Edith Piaf was unusually eventful, complex and short. She lived only 47 years, was an example of a strong spirit, but at the same time a vulnerable person. With an incredible talent, a booming and dramatic voice, the girl who sang on the street forever inscribed her name in the tablets of history

Huxleў - 18.02.2022

Huxleў publishes an interview with the legendary teacher and outstanding scientist Shalva Amonashvili. About pedagogy, feminization of education, accelerated children and the fact that world culture is a “bouquet” of different “colours”

Huxleў - 18.02.2022

The term “self-fulfilling prophecy” was proposed in 1948 by the prominent American sociologist Robert Merton. Summarizing his conclusions, we can say that it is not so important whether the situation in which a person finds himself is actually real. If it seems real to him, then its consequences will be real

Huxleў - 17.02.2022

Golda Meir is one of the most odious political figures of the mid-twentieth century, whose words are quoted to this day. She was the first female Prime Minister of Israel and the third woman in the world to achieve such a high position

Huxleў - 16.02.2022

It is important to understand that dialogue is impossible without the desire of each side to understand the other. It is necessary not to act on the principle of “the one who is louder is right”, but to try to hear all sides, all participants

Huxleў - 14.02.2022

Beulah Louise Henry was predicted to become a politician, but the girl found another calling for herself – she began to improve the world through her inventions. She came up with 110 things and ways to improve life, patenting 49 of them. Beulah Louise acquired the nickname Lady Edison and became the first inventor to receive fabulous fees for her ideas

Huxleў - 11.02.2022

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