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A Chinese proverb says: “In calm times, adventurers sit in prison, and in restless times they become emperors.” In the 21st century, modern science has confirmed the correctness of ancient Chinese wisdom. It turns out that great scientists, heroes, discoverers and great criminals do have something in common at the genetic level

Huxleў - 06.07.2021

Creators are people of a very receptive organization, their level of awareness is so wide and deep that it allows them to see more accurately and understand faster. The Creator receives as a gift an overabundance of understanding of beauty, and then one day this surplus mass of ideas, which takes possession of him entirely, bursts out like the lava of an awakened volcano. From that day on, a creative person no longer belongs to himself, he is a slave to the blind power of inspiration, which took him into circulation

Huxleў - 05.07.2021

For 20 years there has been no separate concept of “work” for me. There is a “meaning” and there is a “process”. Development is primarily a way of life. My hobby is the transformation and development of business structures by building a corporate culture based on the laws of nature

Huxleў - 05.07.2021

Lillian strove to develop her father’s business at any cost. She personally monitored the quality of products and was interested in consumer feedback. As a result, she brought L’Oréal to the leaders of the luxury segment. Bettencourt burned with her empire, and even the famous slogan of the company “After all, I deserve it!” credited with the authorship of the incomparable Madame L’Oréal

Huxleў - 02.07.2021

Dmitriy Bondarenko, CEO of Ligamedia and CEO of LIGA Group of Companies, about the media in the post-truth era and the philosophy of family business

Huxleў - 02.07.2021

A womanizer, a self-taught theatricalist, a slacker, a man with a flair for money, a nouveau riche and a daredevil – all sorts of things were said about Singer. But he gave the world the most famous sewing machine with Sphinx and scrolls, which spread all over the world

Huxleў - 30.06.2021

If we were a collective of free artists, we wouldn’t be able to do serious projects. It’s a full-time job to develop management, structure, and business processes, to meet deadlines, and to leave freedom for the main thing. And not just live by the principle of “if I have inspiration – I write, if I don’t have inspiration – I don’t write”

Huxleў - 28.06.2021

Taras Shevchenko writes very fondly about his friend in his diaries: “At three o’clock I returned home and embraced my beloved Semyon Artemovsky. And in two hours I was already in his house, like in my own home. We talked about a lot of things, but we didn’t have the chance to talk or guess much more. Two hours went by faster than a single twinkle”

Huxleў - 25.06.2021

Neurophysiologists say that our brain decides a lot of things for us. It also decides what kind of music we like. But music, it turns out, in no small measure, is able to influence our brain: to heal, to teach, to adjust our feelings and biorhythms

Huxleў - 24.06.2021

Do you and I think about how and why our most beloved “family members” – dogs and cats, we really adore – appeared next to a person? Why do cats and dogs not get along with each other, and sometimes their owners follow them?

Huxleў - 22.06.2021

“What should be the institution of global governance in the twenty-first century?” – asks Huxleў of respected economists and social thinkers from various countries. Are the institutions of global governance still fit for purpose, or do we need to reconsider and change our concept to address the full range of threats to HUMAN SECURITY?

Huxleў - 21.06.2021

The first batch of Barbies was tested by a hundred little girls and their mothers. The women noted that the toy was vulgar and could harm their daughters’ psyche. The girls said it was impossible to imagine a prettier doll. Ruth Handler confided in the children.
Today 1 million Barbies are sold weekly

Huxleў - 18.06.2021

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