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In order to really help children and their parents, it is necessary to radically change people’s attitude to their heal. Without the intervention of the state, nothing will work out. And then, inevitably, you begin to think about leadership, which goes beyond medical knowledge. You start looking for those tools that can force those in power to make decisions that make life easier for people.

Huxleў - 25.10.2021

Soichiro Honda was an atypical entrepreneur for Japan – he relied on innovation, was not afraid to take risks, personally tested new cars and remained at the helm of the company, formally leaving it. Honda was the only businessman who did not transfer the management of the company to his heirs. He saw the leaders of his brainchild only people innovators, who were ahead of their time.

Huxleў - 22.10.2021

If we are to cope with serious crises and the aftermath of their shocks, we must reconcile the interests of the private and public sectors, harness and combine both of their potentials. We need a lot more finance and markets, but they need to be organized differently than they are now.

Huxleў - 22.10.2021

From my point of view, there is one very simple answer to the question “Why are some countries rich and others poor?” – they need industrialization. We can imagine a “service society” sometimes in the future, but so far the nation’s wealth is heavily dependent on manufacturing.

Huxleў - 21.10.2021

Bottles, bubbles, a saucepan for cooking sausages, experimental recipes for creams written on a napkin – it is how the cosmetics empire of Estee Lauder, a business woman who made billions of dollars, began. According to Time magazine, she was included in the list of people who defined the face of the 20th century, and was not only the first woman in it, but also the only one in her field.

Huxleў - 20.10.2021

It is obvious that the coronavirus epidemic has caused dramatic global changes in the life of mankind. It is in general human nature to be wary of any changes. Therefore, the consequences of the coronavirus crisis are generally assessed negatively. However, is everything so easy? Are viruses and bacteria really the enemies of humanity that must be exterminated?

Huxleў - 19.10.2021

Some kind of perverted attitude towards death has developed in Ukrainian society, which means that the attitude towards life cannot be completely normal. Everything needs to be changed here – from the use of painkillers for cancer patients and finishing with nursing homes. Respect for death and for the elderly people is one of the criteria for a mature society.

Huxleў - 18.10.2021

The entrepreneurial and wealthy people, having achieved success, cannot always fully enjoy their wealth. The reason for it is banal stinginess, which does not allow you to feel truly happy. The life stories of two of the richest and the stingiest entrepreneurs of the past are a proof of it.

Huxleў - 15.10.2021

From the very beginning of building his successful business, Spanish businessman Amancio Ortega was obsessed with one idea – he wanted to unite people with one high goal. He dreamed of giving customers what they wanted, but it had to be done very quickly in order to satisfy their demand at a very attractive price, thus increasing the frequency of purchases.

Huxleў - 13.10.2021

Analysis of the patterns of historical and technological development can predict and model the reality in which people are more likely to live.

Huxleў - 12.10.2021

On the basis of anthropometric data using a neural network, a team of enthusiasts managed to reconstruct the voice of Taras Shevchenko! Read about this unique project, modern technologies and real magic in an interview with Alexandr Smirnov, the partner and the co-owner of the creative agency TABASCO.

Huxleў - 11.10.2021

Nowadays, everything that futurist and billionaire Naveen Jane does, is aimed at improving the lives of as many people as possible. Applying entrepreneurial values to philanthropy, he proves that you can improve the quality of life by changing the world for the better.

Huxleў - 08.10.2021

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