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Henry Lion Oldie is the joint pseudonym of the writing tandem of Dmytro Gromov and Oleg Ladyzhensky, who became the first-ever Ukrainian writers to be nominated for the prestigious BSFA Awards, given by the British Science Fiction Association

Huxleў - 30.03.2024

Constant pain is an indication of an older person who has serious health problems. The irony of nature is that pregnancy is somewhat similar to old age in this regard. But the similarities between aging and carrying a baby are not just formal

Huxleў - 29.03.2024

The path of a young artist from Kherson in the world of fine arts. The artist shares her passion for graphics and hyperrealism inspired by American painters and talks about the challenges of creating during the war

Huxleў - 26.03.2024

Scientists have calculated the theoretically likely number of intelligent civilizations in our galaxy that possibly have means of communication

Huxleў - 25.03.2024

There are so many dissonances and threats in today’s world that it’s a good time to ask the question: can our world even afford the rich?

Huxleў - 22.03.2024

Inna’s art is characterized by the style of ethnosymbolism. Touching the depths of the Ukrainian ethnos, the artist reveals in her paintings the themes of femininity, feelings, relationships, and the meaning of life through Ukrainian ethnic symbols and signs

Huxleў - 21.03.2024

A womanizer, a self-taught theatricalist, a slacker, a man with a flair for money, a nouveau riche and a daredevil — all sorts of things were said about Singer. But he gave the world the most famous sewing machine with Sphinx and scrolls, which spread all over the world

Huxleў - 20.03.2024

Scientists from Toronto have determined that love, lust, and attraction have a chemical nature, even isolating the «substance of love», explaining which hormones are responsible for passion and lust and which accompany the happiness of the lover

Huxleў - 18.03.2024

The ability to feel yourself and another person and respond to his or her feelings is a necessity in today’s world and the basis for a successful and spiritually rich life

Huxleў - 15.03.2024

Parents always want the best for their children. But is modern education the most effective tool for preparing a child for a sustainable existence in the fast-changing XXI century?

Huxleў - 14.03.2024

How much can we and should we trust generative artificial intelligence? Is it safe? A growing number of experts believe that the benefits of artificial intelligence systems are not at all as clear-cut as they seem

Huxleў - 13.03.2024

Neurophysiologists declare — our brain decides a lot of things for us. Including the kind of music we like. But music, it turns out, is also able to influence our brain to a considerable extent: to treat, teach, and correct our feelings and biorhythms

Huxleў - 12.03.2024

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