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Relevance, novelty and prompt response to the challenges of the modern world are what Apple has been proud of throughout its existence. Tim Cook, who took over as CEO of Apple ten years ago, has taken the company to a whole new level. He managed to rationalize the creative ideas of Steve Jobs and lead the company to leadership

Huxleў - 05.01.2022

The end of the year is the time to take stock and make plans for the future. Famous entrepreneurs and visionaries of our time: Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates share their ambitious plans and forecasts for 2022. And even if forecasts for the near future are a thankless task, these people can certainly be trusted

Huxleў - 31.12.2021

This year, Elon Musk was named Person of the Year by Time magazine and took his place among 50 innovators who are changing our world with the help of technology. We have followed the billionaire with interest all this year and have compiled a list of his ambitious plans and forecasts for 2022. How close they are to reality – we will make sure very soon

Huxleў - 29.12.2021

Economic inequality is a problem that has accompanied humanity throughout history. We know that it underlies the functioning of the institution of private property. This is the main driving mechanism of capitalism – the social formation in which you and I live. However, the Club of Rome report defines social and material inequality as a global threat. So what is the right way to deal with inequality?

Huxleў - 28.12.2021

For ten years in a row, her star of top executive was shining brightly on the horizon — she was on the top of Top 50 Most Influential Women in Business list by Fortune magazine three times, during different time periods, used to be among the 50 most influential people according to Bloomberg, she was included in the list of hundreds of most influential people of the year according to the American Time magazine.

Huxleў - 24.12.2021

Countries that encourage open, unhindered cultural artistic development are more likely to be more entrepreneurial and develop comparatively sustainable economic advantages. Entrepreneurship, art and culture serve to push boundaries and resist the status quo. Therefore, art and culture strongly influence the economies of countries

Huxleў - 23.12.2021

Actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr has always done what she wanted and achieved her goals. She was a charming, very intelligent “lively” and until old age she built her life according to her own script, no matter what

Huxleў - 22.12.2021

The man himself called himself “reasonable”, believing that it is reason that distinguishes him from the “lesser brothers”. But, the further science advances in the study of the cognitive characteristics of animals, the more it becomes convinced of the existence of some biological foundations of human consciousness and thinking

Huxleў - 21.12.2021

Nadezhda Forkosh is an artist whose works are better known abroad than in Ukraine. She sees her task in connecting two dimensions of modern painting – real and virtual

Huxleў - 20.12.2021

Thanks to her talent and perseverance, Grace Hopper won the “bingo” – the championship in two “non-female” professions. Biographers will argue for a long time which achievements of the American are more significant – in the field of information technology, the navy or in a feminist environment? They will never come to a common opinion. After all, she was good at everything

Huxleў - 17.12.2021

NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong placed his left boot on the lunar surface on July 20, 1969 at 02:56 UTC. For about two and a half hours, he stayed on the surface of the Moon: he photographed the landscape, collected soil samples and jumped, experiencing the lunar attraction, which is unusual for any earthling

Huxleў - 15.12.2021

A neural network, in comparison to a living person, in a real communication situation has only one drawback — it is not capable yet of giving quantitative arguments in a dispute, defending its position. But, apparently, this disadvantage is not going to last for a long time …

Huxleў - 14.12.2021

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