Ирина Говоруха
Iryna Govorukha
Writer, blogger and journalist

There are words sunny and rainy. The cold and the warm. Those that support and those that devalue. The good ones and the evil ones. Heavenly pure and infernal. Inspirational and threatening. Good tidings and warnings of danger. So it’s up to us to decide what to say and what to keep quiet about. What to go out into the world with and what to leave behind the scenes forever

Iryna Govorukha - 09.02.2024

Berta Rapoport was one of the first female captains in the world, becoming an iconic figure in the history of seafaring. Her career and life are examples not only of professionalism and skill but also of unbending will and courage

Iryna Govorukha - 29.12.2023

The life of Mykola Sklifosovsky (1836-1904) is an example of incredible strength of spirit and dedication to science, despite numerous personal tragedies. Growing up in conditions of poverty and loss, he not only overcame these challenges but also became an outstanding surgeon and innovator, significantly influencing the medical science of his time

Iryna Govorukha - 15.12.2023

He walked around the world and listened to it carefully. He tried to convey that the clear sky is not afraid of lightning and thunder, and that of all losses, the loss of time is the most difficult. He came up with his own formula for happiness. He believed that the rich are not those who have much, but those who have enough

Iryna Govorukha - 02.12.2023

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