Василий Хмельницкий
Vasily Khmelnytsky
Founder of the holding company UFuture

How does it affect the world that you live in an apartment building? How does this massive construction of asphalt, concrete and steel, with hundreds of cars, stay on the surface of the lake? Why do polymers have a bad reputation? Answering these questions, Bill Gates gives examples of how modern civilization is dependent on carbon fiber

Vasily Khmelnytsky - 14.01.2022

As I began to study climate change, I was constantly confronted with the facts that are difficult to understand. To begin with, I could not imagine the monstrous numbers. Who knows, for example, what 51 billion tons of gas looks like? Or how much will the transition to new technologies cost the world? In search of answers to these questions, one thing becomes clear – our world needs innovation.

Vasily Khmelnytsky - 29.11.2021

The private sector is systematically underfunding R&D in the energy sector. Energy companies spend on average only 0.3% of their revenues on energy R&D. In general, the role of the government is to invest in R&D when the private sector is not motivated to do it. But when it becomes clear how the company can make money on it, the private sector turns on

Vasily Khmelnytsky - 13.10.2021

Gates’ book is a very pragmatic view of the global business leader on the problem of climate. In the language of irrefutable figures and facts, he clearly explains how close we all have come to disaster and what each of us must do – at his own level of responsibility to avoid it

Vasily Khmelnytsky - 04.10.2021

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