Андрей Костюченко
Andrey Kostyuchenko

Maryna Viazovska, a 36-year-old scientist from Kiev, has managed to solve a mathematical problem on which scientists around the world have been working unsuccessfully for the past 400 years. Marina, as it turned out, needed only two years to solve… And it became a real sensation in world science.

Andrey Kostyuchenko - 14.10.2021

The story of a simple Ukrainian guy, born in the GDR, in the family of a career soldier who graduated from the Black Sea National University (at that time, a branch of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy) in Nikolaev in 2006, can serve as a good example of how, with a great desire, you can become an ordinary Ukrainian dollar billionaire

Andrey Kostyuchenko - 23.07.2021

Ivan Ivanovich Fundukley defeated corruption in a single Kiev. As a civil governor, he broke the mechanism that had been worked out for years. And so that his subordinates would not succumb to the temptation of “alms”, he paid them a separate salary from his own pocket (up to 12 thousand rubles a year – this was 10 times higher than the salary). For comparison: the Kiev maid’s annual income was 36 rubles

Andrey Kostyuchenko - 12.07.2021

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