Александра Маленко
Alexandra Malenko

During the time of Cleopatra, he was revered as a wise and skillful healer, during the reign of the Ptolemies, he was worshiped as a deity. He was an architect and an inventor, a polymath and a genius of his time – Leonardo da Vinci of the Ancient World.

Alexandra Malenko - 01.11.2021

Einstein was not interested in politics, but in one way or another everyone is involved in solving political issues, even mathematicians.
“But here’s the thing,” he once remarked, “politics is a passing business, but mathematics is eternal.” He has always been an opponent of wars and violence, he was not interested in empires and their predatory appetites – he was interested in the world around him, alive, whole and unharmed

Alexandra Malenko - 16.08.2021

Dee traveled a lot. For each such trip, he made a detailed report, and signed his messages “007”.
Perhaps Ian Fleming borrowed this secret code of Her Majesty’s spy when he was choosing a “serial number” for his perfect agent James Bond

Alexandra Malenko - 13.08.2021

His surname in the lists of nominees then appeared annually, the exception was only 1911 and 1915, but the theory of relativity was too revolutionary, many scientists took it openly with hostility. In order not to heat up passions, the Nobel Committee found a compromise solution: in 1921, Albert Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect “and other works in the field of theoretical physics”

Alexandra Malenko - 09.08.2021

Much has been written about John Dee, but nothing. He, John Dee – a contemporary of Shakespeare – was a well-known and respected man. As many researchers believe, it was from him that Shakespeare “copied” his magician Prospero in The Tempest. There were legends about Master Dee, they looked up to him, they listened to him … But then something happened – and they forgot about him, as if he did not exist at all

Alexandra Malenko - 06.08.2021

Not many scientists were as lucky as Einstein – every student knows him by sight, and every second knows that Albert Einstein formulated the theory of relativity. Someone else will remember that he did not study well at school… But, perhaps, that’s all. Glory has a downside, and in it, like in the shadows, you can hide

Alexandra Malenko - 02.08.2021

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