Елена Окунева
Elena Okuneva

Fripulia is an idea that does not have an exact designation, but combines the most important categories for an artist: striving for space, boundlessness, upcycling (as we would say today). Fripulia became a code word describing both Tetyanich and his artistic mythology.

Elena Okuneva - 14.10.2021

KЪNIGA is an exhibition project dedicated to reading and literature. The spirit of the times living in the Golden Gate becomes a symbolic home for the exhibition, emphasizing the continuity of generations, transmitted both through architecture and through the book

Elena Okuneva - 30.09.2021

For the artist, maps are a tool with which he reveals any topic, the language in which he speaks with the viewer about issues of concern to him. «The map is one of the most powerful symbols that civilization has created. The only thing that is not in the map are non-material, non-visual concepts. For example, such a thing as time. There is no map of emotions, experiences. But for this there is a picture…»

Elena Okuneva - 09.09.2021

In his work, the artist marks the change of the old to the new, which is carried out through large and small apocalypses. We, as spectators, can only wait for the next break in the picture of the world to be noticed and rethought by the artist-philosopher Georgy Senchenko

Elena Okuneva - 02.09.2021

Matsenko works in a rather graphic, poster manner, which is conventionally called heraldry. Indeed, works resembling coats of arms contain many recognizable symbols, sometimes incompatible at first glance, but after a close look at the whole picture, it becomes clear why the author intertwined them. In this sense, Matsenko is a truly Ukrainian artist

Elena Okuneva - 26.08.2021

Despite the remoteness and seeming exoticism, the work of the Chinese artist seems to be quite relevant in our, post-Soviet space, because it exposes the same vices of the repressive system and the same vulnerability of an ordinary person that we are familiar with firsthand. Zhang Xiaogang reveals these broad themes through a very intimate, personal art, in which, however, we often recognize ourselves

Elena Okuneva - 12.08.2021

Although, according to all the canons, Marina Skugareva is a professional artist, the conscious alienation and intuition inherent in her work reveal a kind, wonderful naive, which manifests itself not in primitive technique and not in the absence of education, but in the very instinctive approach to the process of creation, to the sincere impossibility of not to create

Elena Okuneva - 29.07.2021

His style can be defined as mythological archeology. He continuously conducts “cultural excavations”, mining and imprinting on his canvases the fragments and fossils of some disappeared world and lost experience, which, nevertheless, we continue to yearn for…

Elena Okuneva - 22.07.2021

Grigory Gavrilenko was a real workaholic – he worked all daylight hours. This attachment to the sun and light is also evident in his paintings. The artist was careful to ensure that the shadows were not too dark, and sought to paint in such a way as to create the illusion of a transparent, infinite space…

Elena Okuneva - 15.07.2021

Instead of hundreds of letters, colored plots interpreted God’s word for people, and, perhaps, in this sense, Eghiazaryan’s paintings really do not differ from the cathedral’s stained-glass windows. They often resemble icons: content, the presence of gold, the bliss of the depicted faces

Elena Okuneva - 08.07.2021

Petr Lebedinets is a master of academic painting and drawing techniques. In his work there is always a place for an idea, he starts each work consciously, following his own plan, but he says that it often happens that a painting itself takes over the initiative and leads the artist along the “path of artistic truth”

Elena Okuneva - 01.07.2021

Not so long ago, a banana taped to the wall made so much noise on social media that its author, Maurizio Cattelan, was probably the only one who didn’t know about it. Once again, hot arguments about what is art and what is not, what art should look like, what it should mean, what function it should perform, have been heard from every kitchen

Elena Okuneva - 24.06.2021

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