Елена Окунева
Elena Okuneva

Instead of hundreds of letters, colored plots interpreted God’s word for people, and, perhaps, in this sense, Eghiazaryan’s paintings really do not differ from the cathedral’s stained-glass windows. They often resemble icons: content, the presence of gold, the bliss of the depicted faces

Elena Okuneva - 08.07.2021

Petr Lebedinets is a master of academic painting and drawing techniques. In his work there is always a place for an idea, he starts each work consciously, following his own plan, but he says that it often happens that a painting itself takes over the initiative and leads the artist along the “path of artistic truth”

Elena Okuneva - 01.07.2021

Not so long ago, a banana taped to the wall made so much noise on social media that its author, Maurizio Cattelan, was probably the only one who didn’t know about it. Once again, hot arguments about what is art and what is not, what art should look like, what it should mean, what function it should perform, have been heard from every kitchen

Elena Okuneva - 24.06.2021

Bevza’s exclusive technique is rubbing paint, through which the already inseparable pair of canvas and oil becomes completely inseparable. This therapeutic, ritualistic action literally leaves a unique imprint of the artist, his feelings, his moods

Elena Okuneva - 17.06.2021

Now, according to the new ethics, Solomukha could be accused of all paternalistic sins, like the objectification of the female body, because he himself, without hiding, said that “he uses the female body as a language with which one can speak absolutely about everything”

Elena Okuneva - 10.06.2021

Richard Serra is a rare intellectual and thinker who puts his non-trivial conclusions into remarkably concise and yet impressive forms

Elena Okuneva - 03.06.2021

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