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BEST&BRIGHTEST: Maturity of Ukrainian society. Are we ready for an open dialogue that will help solve socially significant problems?

BEST&BRIGHTEST: Maturity of Ukrainian society. Are we ready for an open dialogue that will help solve socially significant problems?
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Dialogics is the main property and condition of any effective culture. It is with the ability to initiate, moderate and direct the public dialogue that the specific historical prospects of modern Ukrainian society are connected.

It is impossible to build a viable socio-cultural model without creating dialogic mechanisms for integrating the socio-cultural Ukrainian space, which, by definition, is heterogeneous, contradictory and sometimes even conflict-prone.

We talked about the role of dialogue in the formation of a mature society, its values, goals and norms with Yuliya Tychkivska, Executive Director of The Aspen Institute Kyiv.




Developing a culture of dialogue is not a matter of one day or even one year. It is a process of systemic transformation of society. Are we ready for an open dialogue? Undoubtedly. Do we effectively use this tool in public life after 30 years of independence?

Not always. In this context, there is no only “black” or only “white” – one can recall both successful and failed practices. But there is a great potential for dialogue as a tool for solving socially significant problems and developing a good society in Ukraine.




It is important to understand that dialogue is impossible without the desire of each side to understand the other. It is necessary not to act according to the principle “the one who is louder is right”, but to try to hear all sides, all participants.

Do not prove that your position is the only correct one, but together come to the most effective solution. Do not look for a mote in someone else’s eye, but appeal exclusively to the position and ideas of another person instead of his personal qualities. If all these conditions are met, the dialogue will be an effective tool, if not – an imitation – more harmful than useful.




Role models are very important for society. If you see that the dialogue among people who make decisions in their areas brings results, you will begin to implement this tool in your life. The Aspen Institute Kyiv is a platform for leadership dialogue.

Analyzing the experience that the participants of our seminars and programs get, I can confidently say that Ukrainian leaders are ready for an open and honest discussion of important challenges and the search for answers to them.

But at this stage, it is necessary to create conditions for dialogue: an atmosphere of trust, mutual understanding, a natural and common value field for all. This is an important component of the Institute’s activity.




I do not believe in theses from the category “we are not ready for something” or “we do not understand something”. Our society has proven that it is able to unite, make decisions and act together. Therefore, the effective use of dialogue is exclusively a matter of systematic work, improvement of relevant competencies and social skills. The responsibility for it lies with each of us. Expect nothing, blame nobody, do something – this is the actual motto that we should focus on.


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