Marie Skłodowska-Curie proved to the world that women can be great scientists. She has been awarded the Nobel Prizes in Physics and Chemistry and is the first female Nobel laureate in history. But, despite her merits, she very often preferred to stay in the shadow of her husband, and she gave discoveries to humanity – free of charge

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The life path of the world-famous French singer and film actress Edith Piaf was unusually eventful, complex and short. She lived only 47 years, was an example of a strong spirit, but at the same time a vulnerable person. With an incredible talent, a booming and dramatic voice, the girl who sang on the street forever inscribed her name in the tablets of history

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Golda Meir is one of the most odious political figures of the mid-twentieth century, whose words are quoted to this day. She was the first female Prime Minister of Israel and the third woman in the world to achieve such a high position

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It is important to understand that dialogue is impossible without the desire of each side to understand the other. It is necessary not to act on the principle of “the one who is louder is right”, but to try to hear all sides, all participants

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Beulah Louise Henry was predicted to become a politician, but the girl found another calling for herself – she began to improve the world through her inventions. She came up with 110 things and ways to improve life, patenting 49 of them. Beulah Louise acquired the nickname Lady Edison and became the first inventor to receive fabulous fees for her ideas

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He was the first in the world to be able to climb to the top of Everest during the monsoon season, traveled to Antarctica and Greenland, visited the North and South Poles, crossed the Gobi and Takla Makan deserts. And all this – without any connection with relatives or the press. The legendary mountaineer Reinhold Messner did it not for fame, but for one more small tick in the list of his personal victories

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The distribution of roles in the global economy leaves Ukraine little chance for a breakthrough. But the rejection of competition at the level of ideas and goods, acceptance of the role of an exporter of grain and ore doom Ukraine to stagnation and regular crises caused by price fluctuations in commodity markets

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The first flight of a man to the moon, the first shoe print on the Earth satellite, the return alive from orbit – all this could not have happened without the painstaking work of a fragile woman wearing glasses – the lead engineer of the Apollo space program, Margaret Hamilton

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The story of Katherine Graham is a path of struggle and overcoming. On June 7, 1971, she made the difficult decision to publish classified US Department of Defense papers known as the Pentagon Papers in the newspaper. Thus, the Washington Post raised its level of authority many times over, becoming a worthy competitor to the New York Times, and Graham began to be unofficially called the First Lady of the pen

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We see Ukraine as a country that offers significant growth opportunities for investors in IT, manufacturing and agriculture. Of course, the most important advantage that Ukraine has is its talented people – visionary entrepreneurs who lead successful companies and appear in the media around the world

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The life path of the ex-First Lady of America and the favorite of millions of women, Michelle Obama, is a path of overcoming and making a statement about yourself. A powerful motivator for her was the habit of achieving everything from childhood, and where others make efforts, she applied super efforts. It was her way of expressing herself in a world that was unfair to her. And it turned out to be the only right one

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“One Israeli asked me if I could make a film that would not be about the Holocaust, but would itself be a kind of Holocaust?
I spent the whole night walking around Paris thinking about this idea. In the end, I agreed, not realizing yet that I was taking on an overwhelming task, getting involved in an impossible adventure, very dangerous, which ended up costing me twelve years of my life.” Claude Lanzmann, director of Shoah

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