Throughout its history, mankind has attempted to reduce all the diversity of life to some established norm once and for all. The problem is that it was the attempts to fit a person into the Procrustean framework of the norm that ended in the darkest follies

Oles Maniuk - 16.06.2021
Liberal Arts

In the process of studying the objective world, a person learns things and phenomena, gives them names, forms concepts and determines the relationship between them. Therefore, the role of positive and negative emotional-evaluative nicknames is extremely large

Huxleў - 15.06.2021
Liberal Arts

The historical role of the baptist of the country is very conducive to the creation of legends. Moreover, legends about the circumstances of the change of faith are usually not very convenient to refute – the victorious faith can become very angry

Boris Burda - 13.06.2021
Liberal Arts

There is no place for snobbery in the perception of art. A good movie can be of any genre, and if it is in this format that talented directors and actors can open up – take it for granted and enjoy the work of art

Vitaly Pisarenko - 12.06.2021
Liberal Arts

The trains that appeared in the 19th century provided opportunities for individual travel, in the 20th century airplanes expanded it a lot … But how can a heavy suitcase be brought to these vehicles without any problems?

Boris Burda - 12.06.2021
Liberal Arts

For thousands of years, people have been struggling to unravel the nature of evil … But, it turns out, it is enough to give a person a negative characterization in order to “dehumanize” him and release the “beast outside”. How harmless are the nicknames and nicknames that we give to other people?

Huxleў - 10.06.2021
Liberal Arts

The term “catharsis” came to us from the ancient Greek language and is found in the treatises of Aristotle, meaning: compassion for educational purposes. Identification of one’s emotional sphere and the acquisition of the skill to manage emotions allows humanity to discover new stages of evolution and thereby solve many global social problems of the world

Darya Gubareva - 08.06.2021
Liberal Arts

A lot of people consider this film to be pop, and the work of Sofia Coppola as a whole is unsubstantiated and not sharp enough. However, I pay more attention to how she brilliantly manages to convey the mood of her characters, trying to find answers to existential questions. And this film is the best in her filmography

Vitaly Pisarenko - 05.06.2021
Liberal Arts

Do we remember that he is also our fellow countryman? More often than not, we just don’t know that. But listen to his songs, the links for which are here, and you will be as surprised as I was – how familiar these melodies are to us! They are with us, which means that Dassin continues to live in our memory along with his songs

Boris Burda - 30.05.2021

“How to unite and connect the screen, the actors, the audience? How to implement technically, my friends – Zoom!”, says British director Konstantin Kamensky in an interview with Huxleў

Nonna Martynich - 24.05.2021
Liberal Arts

In the last article of Nikolay Fedorovich Gamaleya, who defeated plague, smallpox, typhus, and cholera, there are the following words: “The highest joy for a scientist is to realize that his works serve the interests of a person”

Boris Burda - 16.05.2021
Liberal Arts

Road accidents, especially in developed countries, are quite a prominent cause of death in statistics, a source of constant anxiety. How did the specialist who planned the bombing of Japan during World War II manage to reduce it by borrowing the idea from aviation practice?

Boris Burda - 15.05.2021

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