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    The Bahamas is far from Odessa. How do you remember Copperfield in his grandfather’s homeland? They know, of course, but somehow this is not specifically noted anywhere – not to erect a monument to a living person, for this you need to be Zhvanetsky, but this is still a slightly different level …

    Boris Burda - 18.07.2021
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    Strong attention, despite all the sympathy for the homeland, Hoffman is not pampered. True, in 2017, the post of Ukraine issued a stamp dedicated to Hoffman. Not bad for a start, but, frankly, quite modest so far … But inexpensive – only 5 UAH. That’s how we economical … The list of Hoffman’s awards and prizes on Wikipedia is huge – there are more than thirty of them. Most of all from America, there are gold medals from the USSR, and even from Russia, and nothing from Ukraine! Surely we are saving the sovereign penny …

    Boris Burda - 11.07.2021
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    Why did he decide to become a physician, moreover, he immediately chose ophthalmology, the art of healing eye diseases? They say that even in his youth he saw a blind man with a stick, was amazed and exclaimed: “Everyone should see the sun!”
    Then this phrase became the motto of the institute he created

    Boris Burda - 04.07.2021
    Liberal Arts

    And what about Exter’s memory in Ukraine? A number of her works are exhibited at the National Art Museum of Ukraine, and this is wonderful. But that’s all. Look at the house she lived in. Bohdan Khmelnitsky 27/1 – is there a memorial plaque there? Still no. It is clear – everything is as usual …

    Boris Burda - 27.06.2021
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    Vladimir still remains one of the most interesting and popular rulers of Rus’. Both Russia and Ukraine consider him one of the founders of their statehood – they are both right, but the current state of Russian-Ukrainian relations prevents them from agreeing with this, and in vain

    Boris Burda - 20.06.2021
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    The historical role of the baptist of the country is very conducive to the creation of legends. Moreover, legends about the circumstances of the change of faith are usually not very convenient to refute – the victorious faith can become very angry

    Boris Burda - 13.06.2021
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    Olexander Smakula wrote: “I often look to Kobzar to disperse my sadness… I have been wandering in foreign lands for more than forty years, but I have not forgotten my Ukraine and will never forget it”

    Boris Burda - 06.06.2021
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    Do we remember that he is also our fellow countryman? More often than not, we just don’t know that. But listen to his songs, the links for which are here, and you will be as surprised as I was – how familiar these melodies are to us! They are with us, which means that Dassin continues to live in our memory along with his songs

    Boris Burda - 30.05.2021
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    Nobel laureate Hermann Hesse said about him: “In my opinion, this is not only one of the few wise people living on earth today, but also a writer of a very high level, and, moreover… he has enriched world literature with a brilliant contribution – Hasidic legends”

    Boris Burda - 23.05.2021
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    In the last article of Nikolay Fedorovich Gamaleya, who defeated plague, smallpox, typhus, and cholera, there are the following words: “The highest joy for a scientist is to realize that his works serve the interests of a person”

    Boris Burda - 16.05.2021
    Liberal Arts

    Litvak has been awarded the Legion of Merit and Bronze Star combat medals by the US Government. And that’s not all: the French awarded him the Military Cross and the Legion of Honor, and the British made him an honorary officer of the Order of the British Empire. And for his contribution to the development of cinema, Anatole Litvak was awarded a star with his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

    Boris Burda - 09.05.2021
    Liberal Arts

    Lubomyr Romankiw: “Yes, I consider myself an American citizen and I consider myself a Canadian citizen – I have a passport. But in my soul I feel that I am Ukrainian. When I come to Ukraine, I feel that I am in my own country, where I was born, and everything is dear for me”

    Boris Burda - 25.04.2021

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