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A lot speaks about Yaroslav’s outstanding political abilities – first of all, his ability, even after serious failures, to turn the tide in his favor. But there is one more piquant detail – his family affairs did not interfere with his politics at all, rather the opposite

Boris Burda - 05.09.2021
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Every single source – both benevolent to Yaroslav, and not so – note his cunning and prudence, so it seems that this is true. So he started the war with his father with a cunning move, seemingly not very dangerous, but clearly speaking about his intentions – he stopped sending tribute to Kiev

Boris Burda - 29.08.2021
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There are streets of Kandinsky in Moscow, Odessa and Kiryat Ata (Israel). In Odessa, there is a memorial plaque at 17 Deribasovskaya, where he lived, and a star on our Alley of Stars. Asteroid 2662 and a crater on Mercury are named after him. There are many more – he deserves

Boris Burda - 22.08.2021
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In his autobiographical book Justice, Not Vengeance, published in 1989, Wiesenthal writes: “I have always asked myself what I could do for those who did not survive. The answer that I found for myself (and which by no means must be the answer for every survivor) is: I want to be their mouthpiece, I want to keep their memory alive, so that the dead can live on in this memory”

Boris Burda - 15.08.2021
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The successes achieved in different sciences at the same time, as they became more complex, became less and less – later they would be called encyclopedists, or polymaths. Undoubted polymaths were Leonardo da Vinci, Roger Bacon, Mikhail Lomonosov … and someone else. And for our contemporary to simultaneously achieve results in such different sciences as geology, geochemistry, soil science, meteoritics, biogeochemistry, crystallography, philosophy, mineralogy, paleontology, radiogeology, and even founded one of them – this is a great rarity

Boris Burda - 08.08.2021
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Stallone’s mother was the daughter of a famous Washington lawyer and a Frenchwoman from Brittany. And here is the father and mother of the lawyer himself, Charles Leibofish and Rosa Lamlets, emigrated to the United States in 1888 from Odessa. Then many Jews swam across the ocean to break out of the Pale of Settlement

Boris Burda - 01.08.2021
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When they brought five-year-old Busya Goldstein to Stolyarsky, he remembered this and said later: “I immediately noticed three main advantages of Busya – wonderful fingers, excellent hearing and an excellent sense of rhythm.”

Boris Burda - 25.07.2021
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The Bahamas is far from Odessa. How do you remember Copperfield in his grandfather’s homeland? They know, of course, but somehow this is not specifically noted anywhere – not to erect a monument to a living person, for this you need to be Zhvanetsky, but this is still a slightly different level …

Boris Burda - 18.07.2021
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Strong attention, despite all the sympathy for the homeland, Hoffman is not pampered. True, in 2017, the post of Ukraine issued a stamp dedicated to Hoffman. Not bad for a start, but, frankly, quite modest so far … But inexpensive – only 5 UAH. That’s how we economical … The list of Hoffman’s awards and prizes on Wikipedia is huge – there are more than thirty of them. Most of all from America, there are gold medals from the USSR, and even from Russia, and nothing from Ukraine! Surely we are saving the sovereign penny …

Boris Burda - 11.07.2021
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Why did he decide to become a physician, moreover, he immediately chose ophthalmology, the art of healing eye diseases? They say that even in his youth he saw a blind man with a stick, was amazed and exclaimed: “Everyone should see the sun!”
Then this phrase became the motto of the institute he created

Boris Burda - 04.07.2021
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And what about Exter’s memory in Ukraine? A number of her works are exhibited at the National Art Museum of Ukraine, and this is wonderful. But that’s all. Look at the house she lived in. Bohdan Khmelnitsky 27/1 – is there a memorial plaque there? Still no. It is clear – everything is as usual …

Boris Burda - 27.06.2021
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Vladimir still remains one of the most interesting and popular rulers of Rus’. Both Russia and Ukraine consider him one of the founders of their statehood – they are both right, but the current state of Russian-Ukrainian relations prevents them from agreeing with this, and in vain

Boris Burda - 20.06.2021

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