Culture has an impact on a person, placing him in a certain moral framework, and can synchronize society much more than the law. And this is much more important. The countries with the most developed economies have a high cultural value system. The model of society is built according to the principle – morality, culture, economics, law – and not in reverse order

    Huxleў - 18.11.2021

    The most modern metaphor for culture is gardening as a synthetic art of gardening among forests, deserts and ruins. Culture is not so much a second nature that protects us from war, but a garden, cultivating which we locate in search of our happiness in a newly acquired time of great duration and are filled with the breath of peace

    Huxleў - 28.10.2021

    From my point of view, there is one very simple answer to the question “Why are some countries rich and others poor?” – they need industrialization. We can imagine a “service society” sometimes in the future, but so far the nation’s wealth is heavily dependent on manufacturing.

    Huxleў - 21.10.2021

    We must not think that culture is an additive. When we have already achieved a certain way of life, then we will spend money on culture. Absolutely fake image. Culture is essential. When hunger, it also plays an important role. It connects the nation, makes the foundation on which we build the state.

    Huxleў - 30.09.2021
    Liberal Arts

    “What should be the institution of global governance in the twenty-first century?” – asks Huxleў of respected economists and social thinkers from various countries. Are the institutions of global governance still fit for purpose, or do we need to reconsider and change our concept to address the full range of threats to HUMAN SECURITY?

    Huxleў - 21.06.2021

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