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“I always speak loudly. When you have something to say, you can’t whisper.” Joanne Rowling’s Rules for Leadership

“I always speak loudly. When you have something to say, you can't whisper." Joanne Rowling's Rules for Leadership
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On January 1 of the new year, millions of viewers watched with rapture the anniversary edition of the special episode Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Return to Hogwarts on the HBO Max platform, filmed for the 20th anniversary of the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. There were emotions, tears of artists, for whom shooting in the film determined the rest of their lives, there were memories.

Only J. K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series and one of the richest women in the UK, who managed to build one of the most prominent literary careers, was not there. She was simply not invited and was not given the floor. They limited themselves to archival records of past years. She didn’t even get offended.




She hasn’t always been this strong. Joanne Rowling worked for a long time as a researcher and secretary-translator of Amnesty International, saved money, economized and could not even think about the fabulous fees that would fall on her as a writer.

“The success of Harry Potter gave me freedom,” she would soon say. “I can pay all the bills and I don’t have to prove anything to anyone.” Perhaps this freedom and popularity allows J.K. Rowling not to follow her statements on Twitter too much. According to unofficial data, she did not get into the anniversary episode due to her demonstrated intolerance towards transgender people. Her name was not even mentioned in the teaser credits and she was not invited to the premiere.

J.K. Rowling’s Golden Rule “I always speak loudly. When you have something to say, you can’t whisper,” this time played a cruel joke on her.


Fame is different, and the fame of a writer is special. No one will send paparazzi to guard a writer in a bikini


Joanne Rowling


In archival footage from 2019, which the writers used to fill in writer J.K. Rowling’s absence, she talks about how long it took to find an actor to play the main character, Harry Potter.

The author was personally present at the casting and she herself selected the young actors in the image described in a series of books about the wizard boy. Today, the Times described the special as a “too-sweet reunion” that “missed a key ingredient” – the founder of the Potter series. Proud Rowling did not comment on the fact of her absence.


“I always speak loudly. When you have something to say, you can't whisper." Joanne Rowling's Rules for Leadership
Cover of the first book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone /




Even if it is banned, it will still be published. The fast train of the writer Joanne Rowling can no longer be stopped. While the public is discussing her provocative tweets, she is writing and releasing new books. For example, this winter the best-seller was her The Christmas Pig, a kind holiday story for children and parents.

“Everything you see, feel, read or hear settles in your head like fertilizer from which your own ideas grow,” Rowling says of her writing. “I literally feel uncomfortable when I stop writing. A week is about the time that I can endure. I have to write on the strangest and most inappropriate objects if I don’t have a notebook handy.”

However, like many well-known authors, she has her own cult and her “schticks” in the writing business. For example, Rowling never discusses her plots, twists and new ideas with anyone.

She notes: “I believe that if you discuss a book that has not been written yet, you can lose the energy needed to write it.You will meet, we’ve all met, a hell of a lot of people who stand in bars and discuss the novels they are writing. If they were writing, they would be at home working.”


You can’t dwell on dreams and neglect life


Joanne Rowling


The maximum that is available to the husband and three children of a famous writer is fragments of phrases that she has a new idea. Laughing, J.K. Rowling has long noted that relatives will have nothing to share in her memoirs.

“To learn how to write, you need to read a lot – that’s the only thing that helps,” Rowling repeats the old, like the world, judgment.


“I always speak loudly. When you have something to say, you can't whisper." Joanne Rowling's Rules for Leadership
The cover of The Casual Vacancy, the first novel written by J.K. Rowling since the end of the Harry Potter series /




On the 20th anniversary of the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in the press, they again started talking about what is the secret of the success of the story about “the boy who survived”. The deafening triumph is attributed to the “merits” of the literary talent of JK Rowling. She has an academic background in literature and a career in publishing.

“I didn’t want to get rich,” Rowling recently told one of the organizations that wanted to give her the title of Entrepreneur of the Year. “I just wrote a good book, about which I knew from the very beginning that it was good.”

Harry Potter fans are curious children who believe in wizardry and magic, as well as educated and well-read adults who don’t mind going back to their childhood. They meet somewhere in the middle, and their interests overlap. That’s why Potter has such a large audience.


I would like to be remembered as a person who found the best use for his talent


Joanne Rowling


The variety of characters and personalities allows everyone to find someone who will look like you are. And this is another secret of the book’s success. Many answer this question even more simply: people need magic.

“If someone asked me about my recipe for happiness, I would say that first you need to find out what you most enjoy doing in life, and then find someone who will pay you for it.” Probably, the secret lies precisely in this phrase of the famous writer.

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