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“Keep in mind: the Internet is not a new form of life, but just a new occupation”. The leadership rules of the most successful IT woman Esther Dyson

"Keep in mind: the Internet is not a new form of life, but just a new occupation". The leadership rules of the most successful IT woman Esther Dyson
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This smiling American takes everything easily. She is an entrepreneur, an investor, a writer and a publicist. Traveling around the world, she supported fifty projects in science, technology, space and health. Esther Dyson started her career at Forbes doing fact-checking, and changed a dozen occupations and positions. Today, she is called one of the most influential women in the world of technology according to The New York Times.

She wears the Space Adventures tag with her own name on her clothes, as well as the famous motto “Always make new mistakes”! She has a lot of work ahead and a one-way flight to Mars. She declares it at every step. And that’s what Esther Dyson is all about.

It is said that Esther Dyson was destined to be successful when brought up in an atmosphere of interest in science and technical innovations. A child of famous parents, born with a golden spoon in her mouth, did not have to work as an ordinary clerk in any accounting department. Unsurprisingly, she became a futurist and a technology expert.

Her father, Freeman Dyson, is an American theoretical physicist of English origin, one of the founders of quantum electrodynamics, her mother is the mathematician Verena Huber-Dyson, well-known in her circles. Esther Dyson’s brother is the famous writer George Dyson, who popularizes his father’s history of scientific development in the “space part”.

And what about Esther? Having proven her competence in journalism and social media, she became an IT expert with a focus on all the good things – in projects that ultimately will make the world a little better. For their sake, Dyson spares neither money nor her own strength.

“When I was a young student, I thought that adults would come and make everyone work,” she once said. “Now I understand that adults are just children with wrinkles”. Esther Dyson has matured, remaining a child deep in her soul. She travels around the world, motivating others with her actions.

They began to pay attention to her when Dyson announced herself as an analyst of the IT market. She began to successfully develop marketing plans for computer companies and startups.

“Keep in mind: the Internet is not a new form of life, but just a new occupation,” said Esther Dyson. She staked on her new activity and in the early 80s became the owner of EDventure Holdings, buying back shares from its first owner.

She has confidently entered the world of IT technologies, in which men play the leading roles. And when she is called the most important woman in the field of information technology, Esther Dyson always humbly replies that no one can surpass Bill Gates, with whom, by the way, she is on good terms.

“If you are an independent and a self-confident woman, it’s much easier for you, and you will be noticed. In the corporate world, everyone competes with each other. And there all means are good. Yes, it is difficult to be in the minority: a woman, a representative of a different nationality, black. For other people, it is a tool that they can use to compete with you. So I would say that it is not just a man’s world, it is a world ruled by the majority. And it applies not only to technology, but also to business in general, government, politics,” says Esther Dyson.

Esther is now a venture capitalist and a founding member of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), an international non-profit organization.

“Today, a lot of people create products, not companies. The company is a living organism. You have to want to build an organization where everyone feels like a member of the team, knows that the company understands their role”, says Esther Dyson at numerous meetings. “Established firms can learn a lot from newcomers. Mature companies can learn from newbies for a sense of humor, flexibility, and responsiveness. And also to concentrate more on clients than on your internal politics”.

She has invested in companies around the world: Flickr, Medstory, Eligible API, Keas, Crohnology, Sleepio and Valkee.

“I choose a company for several reasons. First, it should be doing something interesting and useful. Second, I have to like the management team of the company. The third is the innovativeness of their idea. And most importantly, I invest my money only when I believe that my help really matters,” says Esther Dyson.

Recently, several medical and astronomical projects have been added to its investment portfolio: MEDESK, StartUp Health, XCOR, Omada Health, Constellation Services, Zero-G, Icon Aircraft and genetic startup 23andMe.

Her greatest desire now is to live to be 120 years old, benefiting, and spend her old age on Mars. Therefore, the two most important areas for Esther Dyson’s investments are health and space.

In 2005, she founded her own Flight School in Colorado. It is a platform for those who are working on the development of space technologies, is a potential space tourist or dream of space exploration.

By the way, Esther herself became the official understudy of space tourist Charles Simonyi in Space Adventures. She even received crew training worth $ 3 million. A seat in the Virgin Galactic spacecraft cost her $ 250,000.

“I will fly to Mars so as not to return. However, it will not be so soon, I still have to do a lot of things,” sums up Esther Dyson.

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