For Makov, the garden is a language through which he speaks about important matters. It is an all-encompassing concept that allows for a deep interpretation of his works on the one hand

Huxley - 20.07.2024

The view of AI philosophy as an embodiment of the triadic archetype fundamental to cognition and culture. The «scientific-religious» idea of successive epochs of weak AI, strong AI and superintelligence — how random is it in modern culture?

Huxley - 18.07.2024

Even after 150 years, there are still not many people in the scientific community who can discuss sex topics easily and freely. Nevertheless, a research group in Boston managed to form, ready to study sensory nerve cells in the genital organs of mice

Huxley - 16.07.2024
Liberal Arts

From a young age, she attracted the attention of various men, including Fyodor Chaliapin and Grigori Rasputin, but meeting Mayakovsky changed her life. Despite their complex relationship and numerous affairs, Lilya remained a crucial figure in the poet’s life and actively promoted his work after his death

Boris Burda - 14.07.2024

Throughout its history, mankind has attempted to reduce all the diversity of life to some established norm once and for all. The problem is that it was the attempts to fit a person into the Procrustean framework of the norm that ended in the darkest follies

Oles Maniuk - 13.07.2024

Why does Satan continue to inspire the creation of artworks, and how is his image used to explore the boundaries between evil and aesthetics?

Huxley - 11.07.2024

Since the time of the French Revolution, «Liberty, Equality, Fraternity» has been enshrined as one of humanity’s core values. However, history often challenges the feasibility of these ideals in practice, and science has joined in this skepticism. In an experiment conducted by Didier Desor, it was discovered that rats form a specific social hierarchy that remains unchanged regardless of circumstances

Huxley - 09.07.2024

Will we continue to grow if we make the economy moral? And can economic growth still be «goal number one» in the modern world? Economist Daniel Susskind makes essential conclusions about the future of the global economy in his book «Growth: A Reckoning» (2024)

Huxley - 07.07.2024

Modern research demonstrates that a father’s diet significantly impacts the metabolism of his future children. To ensure a healthy future for their children, men should pay attention to their diet, making it balanced and nutritious. Your habits today are the foundation of your children’s health tomorrow!

Huxley - 05.07.2024
Liberal Arts

«You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them…»

Huxley - 02.07.2024

Many scientists have sought to unlock the secret of transforming base metals into gold, capturing public attention with their remarkable experiments. A notable figure in this quest is Stephen Emmens, who claimed that the difference between noble metals boils down to their density: platinum is denser than gold, and gold is denser than silver. According to Emmens, if silver is properly compressed, it can be turned into gold!

Boris Burda - 30.06.2024

Artificial intelligence continues to transform our world, bringing revolutionary changes to various fields. What stages of AI development lie ahead, and how will they impact the future of humanity?

Huxley - 29.06.2024