Art for Volodymyr Budnikov is a tool for documenting thought. He believes that we know the history of mankind precisely thanks to culture and art, namely the art that was not tied to any event, but in one way or another reflected the state of the author in a certain context

Elena Okuneva - 17.02.2022

The term “self-fulfilling prophecy” was proposed in 1948 by the prominent American sociologist Robert Merton. Summarizing his conclusions, we can say that it is not so important whether the situation in which a person finds himself is actually real. If it seems real to him, then its consequences will be real

Huxleў - 17.02.2022

For the ontological description of reality, Alfred Whitehead created a complex categorical system. In it, reality appears as a set of events that are in the process of becoming and “feeling” events, each of which is located in a continuum of time and self-realizes in conjunction with the Universe

Oles Maniuk - 16.02.2022

Golda Meir is one of the most odious political figures of the mid-twentieth century, whose words are quoted to this day. She was the first female Prime Minister of Israel and the third woman in the world to achieve such a high position

Huxleў - 16.02.2022

It is important to understand that dialogue is impossible without the desire of each side to understand the other. It is necessary not to act on the principle of “the one who is louder is right”, but to try to hear all sides, all participants

Huxleў - 14.02.2022
Liberal Arts

Do they remember him now? Art lovers all over the world remember, of course. Many prizes of international competitions are named after him, in Paris there is Nijinsky Street. But in my native Kyiv there is no such street, and I did not even find information about the memorial plaque. Maybe I’m wrong.

Boris Burda - 13.02.2022
Liberal Arts

It is difficult to shout to Mr. Watson – he is in another room, 20 meters away, even if you shout a lot – he will not hear. What to do to call him softly, and he could hear and come?

Boris Burda - 12.02.2022

Beulah Louise Henry was predicted to become a politician, but the girl found another calling for herself – she began to improve the world through her inventions. She came up with 110 things and ways to improve life, patenting 49 of them. Beulah Louise acquired the nickname Lady Edison and became the first inventor to receive fabulous fees for her ideas

Huxleў - 11.02.2022

It is impossible to describe his practice in two words, short phrases cannot describe the topics with which the author works. Miroslav Vajda does not think over his specific image, does not build a strategically verified mythology over his “I”, does not “develop a personal brand”. Instead of all this, the artist simply works honestly and hard, boldly experiments, tries new things and, without hesitation, is constantly looking for his place in the world

Elena Okuneva - 10.02.2022

He was the first in the world to be able to climb to the top of Everest during the monsoon season, traveled to Antarctica and Greenland, visited the North and South Poles, crossed the Gobi and Takla Makan deserts. And all this – without any connection with relatives or the press. The legendary mountaineer Reinhold Messner did it not for fame, but for one more small tick in the list of his personal victories

Huxleў - 09.02.2022

The English have a rhyme popular since the 19th century: sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never break me. It is often cited in various books and songs as a kind of “spell” to protect against insults and verbal bullying. However, are we really immune to words?

Huxleў - 08.02.2022

The distribution of roles in the global economy leaves Ukraine little chance for a breakthrough. But the rejection of competition at the level of ideas and goods, acceptance of the role of an exporter of grain and ore doom Ukraine to stagnation and regular crises caused by price fluctuations in commodity markets

Huxleў - 07.02.2022