The founder of Leo Burnett Worldwide used non-standard approaches in his campaigns, amusing and annoying conservative advertisers. When the first advertising campaigns were successful, the manufacturers realized that market space could be grabbed by stimulating the main consumer wants and needs, and customers began to chase Burnett.

Huxleў - 06.10.2021

Lonely people bring their psycho-emotional toxicity to corporate cultures and negatively affect teams, reducing their efficiency and productivity.

Huxleў - 05.10.2021
Liberal Arts

The film Amelie tries to solve one of the most basic problems of humanity: how to overcome loneliness. The answer is obvious: no way, because a person comes alone and leaves alone. And the feeling of alienation is always with him. But if you do not make attempts to feel the warmth of other people at least for a short time, then there is no need to live. And Amelie makes these attempts.

Polina Tolmacheva - 04.10.2021
Liberal Arts

Gates’ book is a very pragmatic view of the global business leader on the problem of climate. In the language of irrefutable figures and facts, he clearly explains how close we all have come to disaster and what each of us must do – at his own level of responsibility to avoid it

Vasily Khmelnytsky - 04.10.2021
Liberal Arts

The memory of this outstanding Ukrainian is honored enough in Ukraine, and it is wonderful! It is a pity, of course, that he did not publish his work two months earlier – maybe then he would have won the first Nobel Prize in physics. But making a great discovery is more important than fussing about priorities…

Boris Burda - 03.10.2021
Liberal Arts

In the middle of the 19th century, brothers Karl and Johan Lundstrom glorified and enriched their native Sweden with their invention – after a few years 155 factories produced it, selling it all over Europe. But it is not enough – thanks to their invention, one of the previously common types of suicide has practically disappeared. What did they come up with?

Boris Burda - 02.10.2021

Paul Polman became the first executive to put corporate values at the forefront of culture. He argues that the same values in all branches of the company around the world can be the glue that will keep the company from falling apart. It is the only way a successful corporation can operate.

Huxleў - 01.10.2021

KЪNIGA is an exhibition project dedicated to reading and literature. The spirit of the times living in the Golden Gate becomes a symbolic home for the exhibition, emphasizing the continuity of generations, transmitted both through architecture and through the book

Elena Okuneva - 30.09.2021

We must not think that culture is an additive. When we have already achieved a certain way of life, then we will spend money on culture. Absolutely fake image. Culture is essential. When hunger, it also plays an important role. It connects the nation, makes the foundation on which we build the state.

Huxleў - 30.09.2021

Technique is capable of revealing to the limit everything inauthentic in human existence. Technology is immersing modern civilization deeper and deeper into a viscous trance dream-darkness. And thinking itself and the need to think as the core of human nature are almost completely forgotten

Oles Maniuk - 29.09.2021

In our world of culinary awareness, when the rules of a good steak have been known to every housewife for a long time, aspiring chefs need to work hard to break through and become famous. They need to learn diligently from the best and carefully delve into the smallest details. And the most important thing is to find your own memorable flavor. The whole handful is even better.

Huxleў - 29.09.2021

For some time now, this event has attracted attention, perhaps no less than the award of the Nobel Prizes. We are talking about an alternative pseudo-scientific ritual – the Ig Nobel Prize. Our almanac decided to tell you about the most outstanding “ig nobels” achievements of 2021.

Huxleў - 28.09.2021