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Only two things are noticeable, in which Razumovky was not afraid to disturb his powerful wife with persistent requests. The first is help to clerics, and the second is continuous requests for various favors to his native land, Ukraine.

These requests were successful. Ukraine was granted great benefits — from the confirmation of the ancient advantages of the city of Kyiv to the free import of bread from Poland. Moreover, the withdrawal of military regiments from there was carried out, because then the wait was burdensome. But the main thing is the restoration of the hetmanship in Ukraine, that is, an attribute of an independent state.

Boris Burda - 06.02.2022
Liberal Arts

Being a slob is not good — there is no doubts about it. But a talented person can benefit even from a lack.
This way did this farmer’s son, who used his own carelessness to make two discoveries: the first is very important, and the second is simply great. Which one?

Boris Burda - 05.02.2022

The first flight of a man to the moon, the first shoe print on the Earth satellite, the return alive from orbit – all this could not have happened without the painstaking work of a fragile woman wearing glasses – the lead engineer of the Apollo space program, Margaret Hamilton

Huxleў - 04.02.2022

Jenny Holzer, like many others, uses creativity as a language to change the world. Its goal is to reach as many people as possible. To do this, she makes her art as simple and understandable as possible, discards vanity and takes her works to the streets

Elena Okuneva - 03.02.2022

A study of the rituals of various human communities shows that whirling is a specific technique for the physical and mental coverage of space. The circle itself does not have any given properties for it. But as soon as movement begins in it, everything changes dramatically, something similar to the “exploration of space and time” takes place

Huxleў - 03.02.2022

The story of Katherine Graham is a path of struggle and overcoming. On June 7, 1971, she made the difficult decision to publish classified US Department of Defense papers known as the Pentagon Papers in the newspaper. Thus, the Washington Post raised its level of authority many times over, becoming a worthy competitor to the New York Times, and Graham began to be unofficially called the First Lady of the pen

Huxleў - 02.02.2022

A hundred years ago, Nobel laureate Edgar Adrian managed to establish a close relationship between breathing and brain wave activity by studying ordinary hedgehogs. Further, it was found in the brains of other animals and humans. For ancient cultures, breathing was directly related to the quality of life and thought. Modern research only confirms the centuries-old wisdom of our ancestors.

Huxleў - 01.02.2022

We see Ukraine as a country that offers significant growth opportunities for investors in IT, manufacturing and agriculture. Of course, the most important advantage that Ukraine has is its talented people – visionary entrepreneurs who lead successful companies and appear in the media around the world

Huxleў - 31.01.2022
Liberal Arts

November 9, the day of honoring the memory of Nestor the Chronicler since 1997, is celebrated as the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language. And this is understandable — after all, Nestor is, perhaps, the first writer known to us for all speakers of East Slavic languages. Undoubtedly — Ukrainian too

Boris Burda - 30.01.2022
Liberal Arts

At the end of the 19th century, Americans knew that it was the food of the poor from certain ethnic groups, and they were not at all eager to include it in their diet. However, their preferences were changed by talented advertising and proper packaging. What is the main innovation that was used to create this packaging?

Boris Burda - 29.01.2022

The life path of the ex-First Lady of America and the favorite of millions of women, Michelle Obama, is a path of overcoming and making a statement about yourself. A powerful motivator for her was the habit of achieving everything from childhood, and where others make efforts, she applied super efforts. It was her way of expressing herself in a world that was unfair to her. And it turned out to be the only right one

Huxleў - 28.01.2022
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“One Israeli asked me if I could make a film that would not be about the Holocaust, but would itself be a kind of Holocaust?
I spent the whole night walking around Paris thinking about this idea. In the end, I agreed, not realizing yet that I was taking on an overwhelming task, getting involved in an impossible adventure, very dangerous, which ended up costing me twelve years of my life.” Claude Lanzmann, director of Shoah

Huxleў - 27.01.2022