Sergey Samokhvalov is a pioneer of new markets on the world map and the main integrator within the company. A mechanical engineer by education, he believes that one of the most valuable assets of a firm is trust-based relations between partners and alignment at the value level. «We are out of the way with those whom we are out of the way with», — this is what Sergey succinctly says about the life philosophy of partners

Huxleў - 24.05.2021
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Nobel laureate Hermann Hesse said about him: “In my opinion, this is not only one of the few wise people living on earth today, but also a writer of a very high level, and, moreover… he has enriched world literature with a brilliant contribution – Hasidic legends”

Boris Burda - 23.05.2021

Vlad Shkolnik: «SHERP is an incredibly versatile vehicle, which is its uniqueness. SHERP floats worse than a boat and moves in the mountains worse than a quad bike, in snow — worse than a snowmobile, in a swamp — worse than a hovercraft, but its whole point is that it travels everywhere»

Huxleў - 17.05.2021
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In the last article of Nikolay Fedorovich Gamaleya, who defeated plague, smallpox, typhus, and cholera, there are the following words: “The highest joy for a scientist is to realize that his works serve the interests of a person”

Boris Burda - 16.05.2021
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Road accidents, especially in developed countries, are quite a prominent cause of death in statistics, a source of constant anxiety. How did the specialist who planned the bombing of Japan during World War II manage to reduce it by borrowing the idea from aviation practice?

Boris Burda - 15.05.2021

Ukraine has a very underdeveloped cybersecurity market. This is mainly because those in charge at the state level are doing the wrong things. There is no driving force to shape the market. There are no laws and rules of the game

Aleksandr Kolb - 14.05.2021
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Alfred Schnittke about Alemdar Karamanov: «You have no idea what kind of person he is», — he said, — «when you see and hear him, you will immediately realize that he is a genius and a living classic»

Huxleў - 13.05.2021

The IT business responds to any challenges faster than traditional industries. In the next decade, remote work will replace many office jobs. Perhaps, it will lead to the outflow of qualified employees from big cities, will save the travel industry, which was undercut by quarantine, and will contribute to the development of outsourcing

Huxleў - 13.05.2021

On May 6, Sigmund Freud would have turned 165 years old. He became one of the most famous, iconic figures of the twentieth century. But more than that, Freud turned out to be the most misunderstood (or falsely understood) thinker of the last century. Moreover, he remains so to this day

Oles Maniuk - 12.05.2021

Yuval Harari: «In the pursuit of health, happiness and power, man will change first one of his traits, then another, then a third, and so eventually he will cease to be human. We are happy when reality meets our needs. The trouble is that the more comfortable life is, the more exorbitant the demands»

Huxleў - 12.05.2021

What is the oldest color? What colors do different nations paint the world in? Why did Ford think his factories should only produce black cars? What colors sell better? Are the colors and sounds in ancient incantations and modern advertising slogans random? These and other questions will be answered in this article

Huxleў - 11.05.2021
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Litvak has been awarded the Legion of Merit and Bronze Star combat medals by the US Government. And that’s not all: the French awarded him the Military Cross and the Legion of Honor, and the British made him an honorary officer of the Order of the British Empire. And for his contribution to the development of cinema, Anatole Litvak was awarded a star with his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Boris Burda - 09.05.2021