For some time now, this event has attracted attention, perhaps no less than the award of the Nobel Prizes. We are talking about an alternative pseudo-scientific ritual – the Ig Nobel Prize. Our almanac decided to tell you about the most outstanding “ig nobels” achievements of 2021.

Huxley - 28.09.2021

A sign that you did everything right is that the ecosystem is starting to attract residents. It becomes a magnet for talents, investors and entrepreneurs. And, as a consequence, it is a growth point for the whole country in the future

Huxley - 27.09.2021
Liberal Arts

The day after the death of the composer Arnold Schoenberg said, “Music was for him the air he breathed, the food that nourished him, the drink that refreshed… His works were a contribution not only to American music, but also to music of the whole world”

Boris Burda - 26.09.2021
Liberal Arts

A certain culinary specialist, who was born in Champagne in the middle of the 18th century, asked a friend of the owner of a factory that produces champagne bottles to make him a certain number of these bottles in an unusual design – with a very wide neck, just narrower than the bottom of the bottle. Why would he do this?

Boris Burda - 25.09.2021

Mukesh Ambani is an extremely significant person who personifies the entire Indian people. In his zeal to do something good for the country, the billionaire is supported by both the poor and the rich, and is revered as much as the local politicians. He is one of the most respected business leaders in the world and ranks high in the rankings due to his social position

Huxley - 24.09.2021

In 2010, when such services and the culture of fellow travelers did not exist yet, it dawned on me that we were using our automobile resource irrationally, and this is how the Podorozhnik appeared. Six months after the arrival of Google Maps, we released the first version of the product. A year after the start, we raised 100 thousand dollars.

Aleksandr Kolb - 24.09.2021

Europe is the first large personal exhibition of Tistol in Kiev in many years, which has been awaited for a long time. The exhibition of paintings in the premises of a bank is a challenge, that not every artist and curator can cope with. However, Tistol accepts this challenge and brilliantly fills the space, emphasizing its essence, with its inherent subtle irony.

Natalia Matsenko - 23.09.2021

Is our sleep homogeneous? Does the dream have a “mother-in-law”? Why are nightmares so harmful and is it worth to be afraid of perfectionism? What dream is more ancient? Why is insomnia so harmful? What helps our brain to mature?

Huxley - 23.09.2021

The career path of Greek-American journalist Arianna Huffington has been a bumpy one, and the experience varied and instructive. Nevertheless, she entered her name in the golden thirty of the most influential women in the media and not only, flashing her trademark smile from the covers of glossy magazines

Huxley - 22.09.2021

None of us like to be wrong. But if we tend to forgive our mistakes, then the mistakes of others are often viewed as a consequence of incompetence. But it turns out that the right to correct a mistake is a very important tool not only for personal, but also for collective effectiveness. The ability to retrain, change your mind, rethink is no less important for a person than the ability to learn and think

Huxley - 21.09.2021
Liberal Arts

Perhaps, two world wars and disappointment in human nature, which is not helped by either religion, or enlightenment, or the dream of equality and brotherhood, led to the fact that people stopped looking for role models in the past or in myths, and focused on the future or on the otherworldly , parallel worlds, trying to understand what can be done “so” to save the world.

Polina Tolmacheva - 20.09.2021
Liberal Arts

What foreign languages are the most popular in Ukraine and the world, besides English? Which countries are the most diligent students? In which cities of Ukraine, English is best known and for what purpose is it taught? These questions were asked at the online English school EnglishDom

Maxim Sundalov - 20.09.2021