New Zealand scientist James R. Flynn found that our level of intelligence increases over time. Between 1932 and 1978, the IQ rose by 13.8 points, about 3 points every decade. It is estimated that if such dynamics continue, then by 2300 the average human intelligence will reach 200 – today it is considered an indicator of genius

Huxleў - 27.01.2022

Opportunities for living philosophy I see in the contemporary experimental theatre. In the one that was born from the feat of Antonin Artaud with his “theater of cruelty.” For me, theater is an experimental metaphysics and even a practice, akin to yogic. I think that the theater can become for a modern person what the Eleusinian Mysteries were, say, for the ancient Greek – the bosom of the birth of thought

Oles Maniuk - 26.01.2022
Liberal Arts

American astronomer and scientist Carl Sagan played a leading role in the US space program. He was very eager to find extraterrestrial life. Sagan was a big enthusiast in the search for life on Mars. One of his biggest dreams was to find a new civilization on this red cratered ball

Huxleў - 26.01.2022

Scientists argue that a family consisting of several generations is more successful in evolutionary terms. In fact, grandmothers and the evolution of the family and human communities are in a very complicated relationship

Huxleў - 25.01.2022

Memory is the basis for future decisions and their variability. Imagination is something over which God himself has no control. It can do everything. And indeed, the imagination drives the development of mankind, opens the way in space and inside a person. And it can destroy us

Vitaliy Gagauz - 24.01.2022
Liberal Arts

The Rothko Art Center is called one of the most ambitious cultural projects of the 21st century in Eastern Europe. Recall that the sale of the most expensive painting by Mark Rothko Orange, Red, Yellow for 86.9 million US dollars in 2012 set a record for paintings of the post-war period and approved the status of the artist as one of the most significant in the art of the XX century

Alena Martynyuk - 24.01.2022
Liberal Arts

Her difficult but glorious life continues – let her live longer and have time to find out how many people around the world admired her victories, culture, intelligence and willpower, let her continue to prove to us that the starting position in life is not the main thing, and the hard work shown, will and endurance will help to achieve everything

Boris Burda - 23.01.2022
Liberal Arts

A little while ago, in all major cities, sorry for the unappetizing detail, everyone was bothered by terrible smells of you know what.
And the beginning of the solution of this problem was laid by an invention named after the letter of the Latin alphabet.
Which letter?

Boris Burda - 22.01.2022

British ethologist and primatologist Jane Goodall managed to “humanize” chimpanzees in the eyes of people. For more than 60 years, the scientist has devoted to observing the life of primates. Her works are of great value for mankind, not only in terms of understanding the nature of chimpanzees, but also in understanding the place and role of man in this world

Huxleў - 21.01.2022

The first thing that underlies business is our values. We know that suffering is a person’s own choice, there is no meaning in it. Overcoming them is a waste of energy. My task as a leader and owner of a business is to ensure that the energy of the team goes to creation, and not to internal disassemblies, misunderstandings, doubts

Huxleў - 21.01.2022

The art of Mykola Ridnyi is socially critical and reactionary. In times of changing national identity, aggressive information policy and the division of society, his art seems to be the most accurate, because it asks questions rather than answers them, reflecting human confusion in the face of disproportionately large, difficult circumstances

Elena Okuneva - 20.01.2022
Liberal Arts

Carl Sagan was an astronomer and scientist, the founder of the scientific and educational genre of literature about the space future, a staunch supporter of the expansion of earthly civilization in the Universe, a timeless genius and a great optimist. He began to study the Universe long before modern space flights and achieved amazing results in this

Huxleў - 19.01.2022