Deleuze said that desire never comes from within; it cannot be thought by analogy with the essence of the subject, naturally endowed with inner wealth and virtue and striving to express himself outwardly; desire arises from the relation to the external, from the encounter with it and overcoming it; therefore, it is nothing but a way of learning

Oles Maniuk - 18.01.2022

“Dear conscience, where are you hiding?” – such a question was asked in one of his songs by the famous bard Alexander Dolsky. Today, science has found the answer to this question. Conscience is not only what distinguishes us from animals. It is directly related to the formation of personality, with our personal usefulness

Huxleў - 18.01.2022

For three decades of independence, our culture has hatched and even opened its eyes, but has not yet fledged and certainly has not taken off! Until we learn how to qualitatively embody and “sell” ideas, first to our consumer, and then to the whole world, we will never grow up and become truly independent

Huxleў - 17.01.2022
Liberal Arts

His art is still popular and relevant, disputes about him do not subside. He is also remembered in Ukraine. In Uzhgorod, two monuments were erected to him, and in April 2016, the former October Square in the village of Mynai was named after Andy Warhol. But perhaps this is not enough…

Boris Burda - 16.01.2022
Liberal Arts

Before the Chicago slaughterhouse, Midwestern cattle in the 19th century had to be driven under their own power, losing weight along the way. They began to transport by rail – the death rate increased on the way. What to do?

Boris Burda - 15.01.2022

J.K. Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter series and one of the wealthiest women in the UK, who has had a distinguished literary career. For a long time she worked as a research assistant and secretary-translator, saved money, economized and could not even think about the fabulous fees that would fall on her as a writer

Huxleў - 14.01.2022
Liberal Arts

How does it affect the world that you live in an apartment building? How does this massive construction of asphalt, concrete and steel, with hundreds of cars, stay on the surface of the lake? Why do polymers have a bad reputation? Answering these questions, Bill Gates gives examples of how modern civilization is dependent on carbon fiber

Vasily Khmelnytsky - 14.01.2022

People in Sidorenko’s art serve as a tool with which the artist conveys his ideas, his philosophy to the viewer. The artist even has his own hero – “a man in underpants”, who literally became a household name, combining the prototype of an inhabitant, an unremarkable bystander, who is at the same time an demonstrative cross-section of the whole society

Elena Okuneva - 13.01.2022

We are tired of listening to colleagues’ complaints about the impossibility of obtaining the information necessary for work, about the closed nature of research. And we did something radically: laid out our base, just to see what would happen. The world has not collapsed! And I would like to hope that he becomes a little better from the fact that we allow others to use our work

Viktor Halasiuk - 13.01.2022

Polaroid Corporation founder Edwin Herbert Land is the first scientist in the world to study the principles of polarization and mastered the one-step photo process. By nature, he was impetuous and energetic, like his one-click photograph. The Polaroid camera may not have survived the competition with digital technology, but Land’s inventions always accompany us in our daily life

Huxleў - 12.01.2022

Anger is a purely human trait that distinguishes it qualitatively from animals. But is it a good adviser for our mind? To what extent, guided by anger, can one make an effective choice between truth and lies?

Huxleў - 11.01.2022

Despite the global trend towards online education, it cannot replace a real teacher. The goal of a modern school is not only knowledge, but also real experience and skills. Creativity, collaboration and empathy develop only among other students and alongside mentors

Huxleў - 10.01.2022