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“To do something important, you have to overcome the fear of failure”. Google co-founder Larry Page’s rules of success

"To do something important, you have to overcome the fear of failure". Google co-founder Larry Page's rules of success
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American billionaire CEO and co-founder of Google Lawrence Edward “Larry” Page loves to read. In his incredibly busy schedule, he takes the time to flip through the traditional hundred pages of his favorite reading material. No more, no less.

And it is despite the fact that he could already freely rest on his laurels – by 2021, Google, reorganized into Alphabet, became the leader of the world IT with a capitalization of $ 1.820 trillion. According to the latest data, Larry Page, with a fortune of $ 125 billion, is ranked fifth in the Forbes list of the richest people in the world and is not going to stop there.

Parents told biographers of Larry Page that before learning to read, he loved to play with the first generation personal computer, disassemble and assemble household appliances. By the way, he became the first child in his school to complete a task in a word processor.

It is now well known that while Larry Page was working on the codes and business strategy for the search engine of Google, he was inspired by the autobiography of Nikola Tesla, the inventor of electrical appliances, who also worked on the nature of X-rays. For the first time, an American boy from a family of teachers got acquainted with his biography in high school. Then he read several pages and burst into tears of frustration.

“Tesla was a failure,” Page says. “He couldn’t define his research field, and people didn’t know about most of the things he invented. He always had difficulty commercializing his inventions. I said to myself, “I don’t want to be like Tesla. I want to easily release my inventions into the world and change it”.

At the age of 12, he firmly decided that he wanted to start a big company and work together with people who share his views and believe in technological progress. The co-founder of the technology startup Google was graduate student mathematician Sergey Brin, whom Larry Page met while studying at Stanford University.

Since its founding in 1998, Google has had an important goal of organizing the world’s information, making it accessible and useful to all, and has become one of the Big Four technology companies alongside Apple, Microsoft and Amazon.

“The Internet became great because it was open to everyone, there was no company to control it,” says Larry Page.

In 1999, Google began using the project management system OKR – Objectives and Key Results. With its help, it turned out to stimulate the growth of the organization and track progress. Venture capitalist John Doerr, the founder of OKR, has written a book on exactly how Google and others drive growth using its system.

“I would wish I had this book 19 years ago when we founded Google. Or even earlier, when I was just understanding myself. As much as I hate the process, good ideas can work magic. OKRs will help here,” said Larry Page in the foreword to the book. By the way, John Doerr has invested almost $ 12 million in Google.

“To do something important, you have to overcome your fear of failure”, Larry decided. He mastered it and invented PageRank, Google’s most famous link ranking algorithm. In 2001, Google received a patent describing the PageRank engine, which lists the name of Lawrence Page as the inventor. This is how his childhood dream came true.

By the way, the unofficial slogan of the Google search engine is “Don’t be evil”. Thousands of people around the world dream of working for the company. Larry Page is also credited with providing near-ideal working conditions. Salaries are the highest here, and unthinkable insurance and benefits allow you to maintain a balance between work and personal life. The employee can plan his own working hours and workload.

“Most people love to work, they love to do something useful and they feel important,” says Larry. “But nevertheless, if you ask them if they want an extra week of vacation or a four-day work week, the majority will be for. They want to spend time with their family or pursue a hobby. The less one particular person works, the more people will be able to work in general. It will reduce unemployment globally”.

The Google co-founder is also active in charity work. For example, the assets of his charitable foundation, named after his father, exceed the $ 1 billion mark. Page actively supports education and medicine.

He is developing new technologies and working on new projects that will make the medical system a little better.

“Imagine if all the data on the medical records of US residents were searchable. If only such a search could be carried out by any doctor or researcher. Perhaps with edited names or notifications about why a particular person was looking for your information, or why. But only one such database could save 10 thousand lives a year,” Larry Page presented his new project.

His whole life is focused on continuing to do something important. After all, he seems to have overcome the fear of failure forever.

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