RULES OF SHERIFF: how the Thomas system helps to avoid mistakes and win the market

ПРАВИЛА ШЕРИФА: как система Томаса спасает от ошибок и помогает завоевывать рынок
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Six months ago, we realized that managerial mistakes are too expensive. We promoted people who did an excellent job at their level, and then we had to say goodbye to them. Most of them did not withstand the new load and did not want to return to their previous position, because for many it was a sign of failure.

Mistakes in management are too expensive

For a leader, the failure of a subordinate is a serious demotivator. You input energy, you explain, you pin hopes, and in three months – alas! – it is clear that the person is no good for his new promotion. You look at the next candidate for promotion with a hesitation. Why would you bother, if he, too, may jump off?

In six months, we managed to close six positions at the levels of top and line management.

I often say, “When you know what you need, sooner or later there will be people who have a solution.” And I also love the words, “You never know what you can do it before you try.” Thus, we decided to try the Thomas system. In order to eliminate mistakes and choose the most appropriate profile, this tool is ideal. In six months, we managed to close six positions at the levels of top and line management.

Now we do it this way: as soon as an internal vacancy appears, we gather a group of managers and they fill in the profile of the position. If the opinions do not coincide, we sit down in a circle, discuss and determine which type of personality should correspond to this position. Then we conduct an internal audit of people suitable for this position. The candidates pass the test, even not knowing what the job is. If the profile of a person fits, we make an offer. If we see that there are no such people in the company, we begin a search on the external market.

The Thomas system allows avoiding a common mistake: most managers are “fire-raisers,” and they want to find the same kind of employees — to make decisions quickly, think quickly, and implement even faster. But not all positions require this type of people. A typical example. We were looking for the head of the tender department because the previous one had burned out. We tested the “burnt out” manager. And what did we find out? He was very worried about the result, emotionally involved, literally burning at work. But the tender department is not negotiation, where charisma and emotions are important. Everything should be well organized and clear, the document to the document. Then we realized that we need a specialist who is able to ensure that everything is done according to the rules: a calm, thorough, and emotionally stable person. And we had absolutely the opposite type before!

The Thomas system allows you to find an individual approach to each employee.

The Thomas system allows you to find an individual approach to each employee. When I see that it is important for a person not to permanently achieve goals, but stability, I switch to his “language”. If I know that he does not like haste, I will not set him “for yesterday” deadline. I will simply set a task and ask him, “When will you do it?” Maybe he will cope in 15 minutes. But it is important not to rush him, not to drive him into a state of stress.

We consider the first stage of using the Thomas system to be almost complete. We have to close only 3-4 vacancies in Kyiv. However, we face an important task for the next 4-6 years. We want to be present in forty cities with over 100000 population. As for physical security, we are present throughout Ukraine. The security monitoring (security alarms service, alarm response) is only in Kyiv and Kyiv region. We are interested in this segment, because, despite a low average check, this market is more massive.

Now, about 700 thousand objects are under security in Ukraine. And I see the potential – 20 million protected objects throughout the country. But to work in other cities, we need strong teams. We need to pick up 4-5 people at the top management level in each city. In total, 200 top managers. If in Kyiv, where an employee is constantly in sight and you can talk to him at any time, we had made managerial mistakes, then what would be the situation in locations at 100-600 kilometers? Will we incur losses? For this, we vitally need the Thomas system to choose the most suitable people who will carry the idea of “Sheriff” – Making the world safer – all over the country.

We vitally need the Thomas system to choose the most suitable people

If I had such an instrument 10 years ago, then “Sheriff” would have developed faster and we could have avoided many mistakes. Those companies that are faster, technological and smarter win competition. I hope that with the help of the Thomas system, we will become stronger and we will be even more aggressive in capturing the market, because “Sheriff” is Security.

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