TRAVELforGOOD: Travel enriches our soul, by reframing beliefs, challenging ideas and provoking change through new experiences

СТРАНА ЭМОЦИЙ: путешествие в Индию может быть частью вашего личностного роста
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TRAVELforGOOD: Travel enriches our soul, by reframing beliefs, challenging ideas and provoking change through new experiences TravelforGood acts as an enabler to enhance the involvement through memorable, inspiring experiences that remain for a lifetime. Considering the sophisticated sensibilities of today’s traveller, each TravelforGood trip offers an authentic and well-rounded experience to gain a better understanding of India, it’s people and culture.

A vast and vibrant country, India, with its diversity and complexity of culture, food, history and spirituality, can seem overwhelming for visitors. TravelforGood creates thoughtfully designed trips for companies, family offices and organisations, by offering a deep dive into the finer nuances of Indian society, its traditions and cultures, while providing expert insights into some of India’s finest locations.  

Every single TravelforGood trip is personalised to your requirement.  That is why each TravelforGood trip is so uniquely different. Our trips can include interactions with businesses and Indian families, fine-dining and local eat-outs, sightseeing and well-being, bespoke cultural activities, and naturally, access to the finest of hotels and locations. With our knowledge of India, its hospitality and history, we are able to curate every element of the trip, enabling travellers to build enduring connections with people, organizations and the country.

When we work together to build your trip, we take into consideration not just your wishes, but your intention on what you wish to achieve at the end of your trip. We want you to return with the knowledge that you saw all that you wanted to, achieved all that you could and experienced India in a way that was true and authentic.  That is the only way your trip becomes fulfilling and complete.

TRAVELforGOOD: Travel enriches our soul, by reframing beliefs, challenging ideas and provoking change through new experiences

Why the social good?  Travel is a shared experience, through exchanges between the traveller and the people they visit. In its ideal form, this is a positive enabler of growth for everyone: the traveller as well as the communities, villages, cities and countries they visit.  Thus, TravelforGood, may suggest as an option, a visit to a social project as part of your overall itinerary.


Why India?  Smita Suchde Gruetter, Founder TfG, is Indian by birth and Swiss by nationality. She speaks three Indian languages apart from English and German and has a deep understanding of the land of her forefathers.  

A serial entrepreneur with an education in Economics, Political Science, Law (India), Fashion (NYC) and a management degree from IMD, (Lausanne), Smita’s professional and personal experiences, reflect in her structured and collaborative approach to organising travel.

Smita also works as a philanthropic advisor for India-specific social projects, (www.hemlata.ch). Her background and core knowledge of India is thus aligned to our vision of travelling for good.  

At TravelforGood we have opted to work specifically within India, to create the largest impact. An ardent believer in the power of travel to educate, inform and change perceptions, Smita would like you to experience the real India, with an open slate and with no ifs and buts!  

India is more than a country. it is an Emotion

Travel with us to India and experience the thoughtfulness of our hospitality, the compassion of the Indian people, the chaos and the sounds, the vivid colours and the visceral senses. Because as we like to say,  “India is more than a country; it is an Emotion.”

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