Виктор Галасюк
Viktor Halasiuk
President of the Ukrainian Association of the Club of Rome, Corresponding Member of the World Academy of Arts and Science

We are tired of listening to colleagues’ complaints about the impossibility of obtaining the information necessary for work, about the closed nature of research. And we did something radically: laid out our base, just to see what would happen. The world has not collapsed! And I would like to hope that he becomes a little better from the fact that we allow others to use our work

Viktor Halasiuk - 13.01.2022

Genetics is now a very promising field, attractive and attractive. It develops so rapidly and dynamically that people who have devoted years of research to it do not have a great competitive advantage in comparison with newcomers, everything changes hourly, you literally have to “run along with the train.”

Viktor Halasiuk - 30.12.2021

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