Виталий Гагауз
Vitaliy Gagauz
Director of the Department of Appraisal and Collateral Operations, Pivdenny Bank

Memory is the basis for future decisions and their variability. Imagination is something over which God himself has no control. It can do everything. And indeed, the imagination drives the development of mankind, opens the way in space and inside a person. And it can destroy us

Vitaliy Gagauz - 24.01.2022

True meanings cannot be external. They are nurtured in silence, in the depths of consciousness. This is a deliberate path. To give birth to something new, a new meaning is the path of the few. It is much easier not to strain and use ready-made templates of society

Vitaliy Gagauz - 13.09.2021

Why is development the main criterion for the survival of a person, family, company, society? Because, as soon as development stops, even a short pause quickly turns into stagnation and degradation. Moreover, the issue of development is relevant for any level

Vitaliy Gagauz - 06.09.2021

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