Константин Родик
Константин Родик
Analyst of the literary and book market

When you read Orwell attentively, the question will inevitably arise: Who was he really? A novelist, a political publicist, a literary critic, a visionary?

Ask your friends: who is Stephen King? Of course, the king of horror. Even your acquaintances who are literary critics will tell you so because their correct books are almost unanimous. And what about the king himself — is he satisfied with mowing the greenery on the lawn of «so-called literature»?

«Photography is the medium about which almost everyone has something to say». So, it is more than a general «understanding» of soccer and politics, which is undoubtedly judged mainly by broadcasts — everyone has his or her own opinion about photography nowadays since everyone has a smartphone with a camera much more powerful than the «Leica» that revolutionized mass communication over a hundred years ago

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