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Aleksandr Kolb
The author of the blog «The Big Fish»

Today we have entered the retail banking business from all sides and now we manage clients not only of banks, but also of MFOs, insurance companies such as OSAGO, CASCO. We are the entry point for the client and standardize the experience in purchasing bulk products

Aleksandr Kolb - 09.07.2021

There is a difference between an entrepreneur and a businessman. A businessman does not work with a hypothesis, but with statistics and understandable business processes. The entrepreneur has a hypothesis – there is a problem that they are willing to pay for. This is a special style of thinking. A startup is, first of all, entrepreneurship. And an entrepreneur starts earning when he becomes a businessman

Aleksandr Kolb - 07.07.2021

Our task – to insure the client, to give maximum control at the stage of moderation of goods, and at the stage of interaction with merchants, and at the stage of delivery, because the delivery is not ours, and market providers: “Ukrposhta” and “Novaya Pochta”

Aleksandr Kolb - 25.06.2021

Our key difference is that you can’t bring us money and say: “Here’s your money, manage it”. We do the client’s risk profile, we help define goals, but all decisions are up to the user. Our task is to help him do this as reasonably as possible and with the minimum commission

Aleksandr Kolb - 18.06.2021

Ukraine has the opportunity to become an IT country. I would say that the choice is like this: either poverty or IT. If we manage to maintain the existing level of freedom and add economic growth to it, we will become one of the most successful and comfortable countries in Europe

Aleksandr Kolb - 11.06.2021

We did not close Connect.ua — we transformed it. There is no reason for Ukraine to have its own social network. The main reason is that most of the population speaks Russian. The Russian market absorbs ours. A local player will not pay off

Aleksandr Kolb - 04.06.2021

Ukraine has a very underdeveloped cybersecurity market. This is mainly because those in charge at the state level are doing the wrong things. There is no driving force to shape the market. There are no laws and rules of the game

Aleksandr Kolb - 14.05.2021

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