Александр Колб
Aleksandr Kolb
The author of the blog «The Big Fish»

We have been working with startups since 2007. Now about six product companies, where we have investments, are our clients. At the moment, we are creating a more expanded fund, where partners with more money will be attracted.

Aleksandr Kolb - 08.10.2021

In 2010, when such services and the culture of fellow travelers did not exist yet, it dawned on me that we were using our automobile resource irrationally, and this is how the Podorozhnik appeared. Six months after the arrival of Google Maps, we released the first version of the product. A year after the start, we raised 100 thousand dollars.

Aleksandr Kolb - 24.09.2021

In 2014, when we sold the Invisible CRM license to the last major player in the market, Microsoft, we sat down to brainstorm and decided what to do next. We chose to extract data from services that we previously integrated with each other. This made it possible to compare, analyze pipelines and say: “Do this, it led to success, but don’t do that.”

Aleksandr Kolb - 17.09.2021

I would like Ukraine to develop in the vector of Western countries, adopting their cultural values. This is happening now, but it can only be viewed with restrained optimism. I hope we will be able to ensure that more and more Ukrainian businesses are integrated into the processes with Western partners. Then the evolution of views will be inevitable

Aleksandr Kolb - 03.09.2021

What is the secret of Uklon, how do promotional codes work, and why the expansion to Africa did not work out

Aleksandr Kolb - 27.08.2021

If all Ukrainian companies merge into one, they will still not have enough capacity to enter a world-class system. If your market is only Ukrainian, then it’s too early to talk about development. If you compete with another EU company, you will lose. When solving complex engineering problems, it’s hard to predict how long it will take in the end

Aleksandr Kolb - 23.08.2021

The platform helps you find tutors in 185 countries around the world. The project was founded in 2012 and was included in the list of 30 best startups according to Forbes.
The innovation is to create a system within which you can trust the product and the teacher’s expertise. Preply provides a unique strategy for each “student-teacher” pair, based on the success of a particular student

Aleksandr Kolb - 20.08.2021

Money is success. What I own now and what I want to achieve in the future are two different things. I want to work harder, achieve more. Build a great story. SendPulse is a small success so far.

Aleksandr Kolb - 26.07.2021

We do e-commerce, only for virtual worlds. We sell it as a white label, that is, a type of partnership in which one company produces goods or services, and the other sells them under its own brand. We can say that I have created a couple of thousand jobs in the virtual space. Such is the creator economy

Aleksandr Kolb - 16.07.2021

Today we have entered the retail banking business from all sides and now we manage clients not only of banks, but also of MFOs, insurance companies such as OSAGO, CASCO. We are the entry point for the client and standardize the experience in purchasing bulk products

Aleksandr Kolb - 09.07.2021

There is a difference between an entrepreneur and a businessman. A businessman does not work with a hypothesis, but with statistics and understandable business processes. The entrepreneur has a hypothesis – there is a problem that they are willing to pay for. This is a special style of thinking. A startup is, first of all, entrepreneurship. And an entrepreneur starts earning when he becomes a businessman

Aleksandr Kolb - 07.07.2021

Our task – to insure the client, to give maximum control at the stage of moderation of goods, and at the stage of interaction with merchants, and at the stage of delivery, because the delivery is not ours, and market providers: “Ukrposhta” and “Novaya Pochta”

Aleksandr Kolb - 25.06.2021

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