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My wife is afraid of war. There is no shame in this. Now it is such a time that there are many reasons to think so, but it makes little sense. For my clise ones I want to offer several thoughts of a layman who is trying to formulate his vision.

It seems that the titans of the world economy are becoming “Titanics” who have outlived their successful strategies and are now moving by inertia, expecting that in the future their courses will rigidly intersect. The need to change the course was realized, but it will take considerable time, it will begin to maneuver, but slowly.

In comparison with these tankers, laden with politicians, armies, missiles, oil, gas, gold, scientific teams, computers, large-scale population, Ukraine looks like a boat “without rudders and sails”. I do not mean that Ukraine does not have its own will, dreams, ideas – it has. The main thing that Ukraine does not have a plan for life as an independent state. Therefore, it becomes a toy in the hands from which it eats. Now it is photographed with these, then with those, it smiles, looks into the eyes and fulfills the requirements, wishing to remain in the zone of at least some comfort.

Building of Nord Stream 2 began in 2012. Who did not understand in 2014 what was going on? And what did they do? It is just an example. Who didn’t understand that membership in NATO or the European Union was not about the fact that migrant workers no longer needed to go anywhere, but that they could stay and earn money right outside the door?

Ukraine’s membership in NATO and the European Union is a massive reshaping of the world order that will force both structures to radically revise their budgets and policies. Especially considering the interests and relationships with Russia. But what in exchange? A huge, by European standards, poorly structured state with an archaic mentality. Yes, they still can’t warm East Germany, frozen in the Cold War, but here …

I’m not saying that the EU and the USA support Ukraine “badly”. Judging by the media, they support it, because in 7 years Ukraine, through its own efforts, has turned itself into an instrument of pressure on Russia. This title still had to be earned – from scratch, wearing sweatpants and sneakers, our guys showed that they are first-class warriors. Honor and glory to them. And about the top-level commanders, I cannot understand.
My impression is that there are three assets in abundance in Ukraine:

  • talented people;
  • unique land;
  • hetmans.

And if it is difficult to decide with the land, then why not think about a new economic policy? After all, it was not the hetmans who built residential buildings, banks, supermarkets, promising businesses in 30 years of independence. How can you sweetly invite third-party investors, treating your own with contempt? This is some kind of perverted vision – as if Mars is already right here, and Mask and people are already invited to this red desert.

Are there really no other thoughts than to turn Ukraine into Singapore, with its enlightened monarchy from Lee Kuan Yew at the head of enterprises with British owners and a court in London since the occupation. Don’t you think that in the end we got desperate and began to dream that someone would occupy us and organize everything here to our liking? If so, don’t wait long. The Varangians will come and collect the tribute.

Dreamers should know a couple of numbers: GDP per capita: Singapore – approx. $ 60.000, Ukraine – $ 3.700. The average monthly salary is about 10% of this amount, in both countries. Did someone try to increase numbers by stubborn daily work on cutting the Carpathian timber and exporting it?

Financial performance should not be taken as the number of green notes. From the point of view of the economy, they show something else – its hype. Money is the lifeblood of the economy, and as centers of profitability are created and strengthened, the cash flow that they process increases. To catch up with the Singaporeans, it is necessary to produce efficient agricultural, metallurgical, engineering and other firms that will attract cash flow and turn it into an even more turbulent one. And it takes time.

And the top hetmans also like to think that the economy is such a big wheel that needs to be spun and things will go. I think the economy is more of a clockwork with many small and large gears meshed with one another. And if the spinning giant tries to turn a large gear while the small ones are rusty and unusable, at best it will fail, and at worst, it will break the mechanism. And it will leave Afghanistan.

As for the Russian attack. Everything is possible. But, as far as I understood from the media, Putin accepted Biden’s proposal to work on a new collective security mechanism, and now proposals and new negotiations are being prepared. Until then, no one in their right mind will fight. Ukrainian politicians have several weeks to decide which priority is a mace or a head.

If only they can reach political agreement, develop a coherent forward-looking policy with a few control points and responsibility in them, explain to people what will happen and how, then they will be able to abandon the puppet model. Not because those who want to pull the strings will disappear, but because there will be a position – meaningful and demonstrative. And the people will support.

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