Юлия Орлова
Yuliya Orlova
CEO of the best-selling publishing house Vivat

To lead thousands, you need to explain to them why they should follow you. In order for a wide range of people to be able to hear and understand your ideas, you need to find out what worries these same people. Not to rise above them, but to become one of them, speaking with your audience in one, close to her, emotional and psychological language

Yuliya Orlova - 13.12.2021

A leader is a clear line between the abstract desire to lead, to head, and a series of competitive actions taken in this direction. Such a separator, capable of distinguishing between words and actions, is a true leader. The ability to balance on the brink like no other was possessed by Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States.

Yuliya Orlova - 15.11.2021

No predetermined path leads to the top of political leadership. In fact, there are no universal laws of leadership. There is no single magic key that can open the door to numerous victories. However, the analysis of leadership in a certain historical context allows us to see some common features and shed light on the very nature of this concept.

Yuliya Orlova - 08.11.2021

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