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American entrepreneur and philanthropist who founded the Hershey chocolate corporation Milton Snavely Hershey was the first among manufacturers to prescribe the then revolutionary, and today – the most ordinary rule of production: “Give them quality. That is the best advertisement in the world.” Hershey really preferred meticulous work to idle chatter. That is why it became successful.

Huxleў - 01.12.2021

Not all of our contacts with other people are equal. How does our social circle develop in general? To what extent does the circle of contacts determine our well-being, success, and even health? How many and what kind of acquaintances do we need? Let’s find out how sociologists answer these questions.

Huxleў - 30.11.2021

Chris Gardner and his son had to wander the streets, worked for a penny, and often even without pay, gaining experience. Through perseverance and hard work, Gardner will become a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. He will meet the mighty of this world, find a friend in the person of Nelson Mandela and publish memoirs that will form the basis of the film.

Huxleў - 26.11.2021

It is important to disenchant Ukraine for the world. We want to push the boundaries, present Ukrainian culture and music abroad, and develop the country’s brand. I would like Ukrainians to value themselves more, their own cultural uniqueness. Through soft power, which is culture, it is much easier to reach out to others, make real friends and partners

Huxleў - 25.11.2021

His career has been going on for 55 years. The chamber atmosphere, beautiful music and an extravagant man at the piano have already become symbols of an entire era. Elton John is the UK’s most successful rock musician and a cult musician of our time. He is the most famous male solo performer in the history of music.

Huxleў - 24.11.2021

Guy Kawasaki is sure that every businessman and marketer should be patient and understand that it will take a long time to return to the original pre-pandemic state. You don’t have to be just a runner. You need to transform into an all-around champion, you need to perform well in various competitions

Huxleў - 19.11.2021

The idea was to achieve the effect of ownership of the project, so that it would not be one big investor, but a project that belongs to the city’s community. And not only cities. Ivano-Frankivsk occupies 25% of the investment structure, the rest is the whole of Ukraine

Huxleў - 19.11.2021

Culture has an impact on a person, placing him in a certain moral framework, and can synchronize society much more than the law. And this is much more important. The countries with the most developed economies have a high cultural value system. The model of society is built according to the principle – morality, culture, economics, law – and not in reverse order

Huxleў - 18.11.2021

We have our own, special style: how we play, how we are dressed, how we look at photo shoots, how we are on stage, what is the design of our posters – all this is very important! There can be no trifles here. Attention to detail just allows you to create a unique, unlike anything else atmosphere, when the musicians feel good together, when they are “driven”.

Huxleў - 15.11.2021

There are people who have read Dostoevsky’s novels. There are those who are going to read them. And there are those who have never read them and categorically refuse to do it… But no matter how anyone relates to the work and personality of Fyodor Mikhaylovich, one thing is clear: without him it is impossible to imagine modern culture

Huxleў - 11.11.2021

Taking up hairdressing, British stylist, entrepreneur and public figure Vidal Sassoon fell in love with it so much that he made several revolutions, made it his vocation and made the whole world consider him a worthy craft. He deservedly and forever inscribed his name on the golden list of outstanding geniuses of beauty.

Huxleў - 10.11.2021

Huxleў publishes the final part of the story of the 2021 Nobel laureates. Today we invite you to meet the laureates who have been awarded the Peace Prize, as well as those who have managed to receive the Prize in Economics.

Huxleў - 10.11.2021

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