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Beauty is indeed a frightening force. Neurosurgeon Edson Amancio published an article proving that Fyodor Dostoyevsky suffered from Stendhal syndrome while viewing Hans Holbein’s masterpiece of art, The Dead Christ in the Coffin, during his visit to the museum in Basel. His impressions of this painting are described in detail in his novel The Idiot

Huxleў - 16.06.2021

In the process of studying the objective world, a person learns things and phenomena, gives them names, forms concepts and determines the relationship between them. Therefore, the role of positive and negative emotional-evaluative nicknames is extremely large

Huxleў - 15.06.2021

For thousands of years, people have been struggling to unravel the nature of evil … But, it turns out, it is enough to give a person a negative characterization in order to “dehumanize” him and release the “beast outside”. How harmless are the nicknames and nicknames that we give to other people?

Huxleў - 10.06.2021

Psychologists say that around the age of 14 our childhood ends – with all the fantasies, excess energy and irrepressible desire to play. But we continue to live in a world of toys and games. Our almanac’s interviewee, Pavel Ovchinnikov, knows all about toys. He believes that the theme of the relationship “man – toy” is inexhaustible. And almost as important as the relationship between man and God

Huxleў - 01.06.2021

How are our habits, preferences, and tastes formed? It turns out that they are not only consequences of the choices we once made, but also shape our future choices themselves. And not only positive, but also negative. Thus, since childhood, we get used to avoiding something that we once already rejected, preferring it to something new…

Huxleў - 01.06.2021

Australian scientists have noticed a specific technique that Aborigines use to remember information. They simply start making up stories, which are fairy tales and myths in our “civilized” understanding. Archaic mnemonic techniques were cooler than modern ones

Huxleў - 25.05.2021

Sergey Samokhvalov is a pioneer of new markets on the world map and the main integrator within the company. A mechanical engineer by education, he believes that one of the most valuable assets of a firm is trust-based relations between partners and alignment at the value level. «We are out of the way with those whom we are out of the way with», — this is what Sergey succinctly says about the life philosophy of partners

Huxleў - 24.05.2021

Vlad Shkolnik: «SHERP is an incredibly versatile vehicle, which is its uniqueness. SHERP floats worse than a boat and moves in the mountains worse than a quad bike, in snow — worse than a snowmobile, in a swamp — worse than a hovercraft, but its whole point is that it travels everywhere»

Huxleў - 17.05.2021

Alfred Schnittke about Alemdar Karamanov: «You have no idea what kind of person he is», — he said, — «when you see and hear him, you will immediately realize that he is a genius and a living classic»

Huxleў - 13.05.2021

The IT business responds to any challenges faster than traditional industries. In the next decade, remote work will replace many office jobs. Perhaps, it will lead to the outflow of qualified employees from big cities, will save the travel industry, which was undercut by quarantine, and will contribute to the development of outsourcing

Huxleў - 13.05.2021

Yuval Harari: «In the pursuit of health, happiness and power, man will change first one of his traits, then another, then a third, and so eventually he will cease to be human. We are happy when reality meets our needs. The trouble is that the more comfortable life is, the more exorbitant the demands»

Huxleў - 12.05.2021

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