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How does it affect the world that you live in an apartment building? How does this massive construction of asphalt, concrete and steel, with hundreds of cars, stay on the surface of the lake? Why do polymers have a bad reputation? Answering these questions, Bill Gates gives examples of how modern civilization is dependent on carbon fiber

Vasily Khmelnytsky - 14.01.2022
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After him, 24,223 documents remained, of which 14,572 were signed by Catherine II, and 9,651 by himself, but they were personally created by him to the last. This workaholic left such a mark in history – now let the biographers figure out what is good and what is not. They have enough work!

Boris Burda - 09.01.2022
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At the end of the 17th century, this enterprising man, wanting to accustom the inhabitants of the city to a new drink, distributed it himself through the streets in jugs on a tray — one kreuzer apiece

But the product was not in demand: firstly, as it came from the hated conquerors, and secondly, because it tasted bitter!

How to change the attitude of residents to this drink?

Boris Burda - 08.01.2022
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Philanthropists, patrons and benefactors have a lot in common, but these words cannot be considered absolute synonyms. Using metaphors, these are three roads in one direction, which at some points intersect, and sometimes merge, then again scatter and converge, like forest paths

Evgeniya Mazurenko - 03.01.2022
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Monuments to him have been erected in Lviv, Halych, Ternopil and Volodymyr-Volynskiy, and in Dnipro, Lutsk and Vinnytsia there are streets named in his honor. Even the state award of Ukraine, established in 2003, bears his name. But the main thing is not in memorial actions. We remember him as a living character in history, who, although he ruled in difficult times, did everything he could

Boris Burda - 02.01.2022
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The era of the Great Geographical Discoveries (XV-XVII centuries) rapidly expanded the world known to Europeans. One of the most important roles in it was played by a certain prince, who did not make any special travels. What paradoxical nickname did he get?

Boris Burda - 01.01.2022

Guy Debord was a revolutionary of thought and a ruthless critic of all social movements known to mankind. He recognized only one revolution – in the way of thinking and personal destiny. Guy Debord considered all the usual collectivist movements as illusions and manipulations that fascinate people, turning them into puppets of a bright, but meaningless performance

Oles Maniuk - 28.12.2021
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A fascinating, adventurous and tragic novel is the biography of one of the most famous princes of Kievan Rus – here both a high position from childhood, and his deprivation due to the intrigues of enemies, and a long, which took decades, return of the unjustly taken away. Read it – it will be interesting

Boris Burda - 26.12.2021
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It is not easy for aristocrats in our time – no honor, no worship … And this descendant of an ancient Tuscan family has its own aristocratic whim – he loves to have to take less luggage for the trip.
What should he, the poor man, do?

Boris Burda - 25.12.2021

Countries that encourage open, unhindered cultural artistic development are more likely to be more entrepreneurial and develop comparatively sustainable economic advantages. Entrepreneurship, art and culture serve to push boundaries and resist the status quo. Therefore, art and culture strongly influence the economies of countries

Huxleў - 23.12.2021

Famous philosopher, culturologist and semioticist Vadim Rudnev – about the era of postmodernism, self-remembering and the place of philosophy in the modern world

Oles Maniuk - 22.12.2021
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It looks like he got a little overreacted, calling the Titanic the biggest success of his life. However, this may just be coquetry — it is quite clear that no success has been ordered for him …

Boris Burda - 19.12.2021

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