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“Diversity and inclusion, racial equity and injustice, these are all things that we need.” Apple CEO Tim Cook – on the Vector of the Company’s Development in 2022

"Diversity and inclusion, racial equity and injustice, these are all things that we need." Apple CEO Tim Cook - on the Vector of the Company's Development in 2022
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When Tim Cook took over as CEO of Apple ten years ago, few believed in him. “Yes, Timothy Donald Cook is a good manager and a good guy,” many said, “but will he be able to replace Steve Jobs – utterly and completely, with his vision and ability to look for years ahead?”

The new Apple CEO, recalling his journey from humble leader to business legend, will emphasize: “I never had a goal to be like Jobs. All I knew was that I was going to have to be the best version of myself.” A decade later, no one had any doubts – yes, he did it, he could do it.




“Jobs was confident that the products he developed were already a sufficient contribution to the world. He believed that his work for Apple was more important than any charitable contributions. Cook, on the other hand, saw the contribution to society in more detail and more complex. He always spoke with incredible pride about the quality of Apple products, but at the same time mentioned that he would use his position as CEO to keep Apple “on the good side.”

This is a quote from the book Tim Cook The CEO Who Took Apple to the Next Level by Leander Kahney, editor of the online Cult of Mac, author of five best-selling Apple books.


"Diversity and inclusion, racial equity and injustice, these are all things that we need." Apple CEO Tim Cook - on the Vector of the Company's Development in 2022
Screenshot of Tim Cook’s name changed after Donald Trump mistakenly named him Tim Apple /


And the CEO of Apple has a great sense of humor. Judge for yourself – as soon as the former US President Donald Trump at a meeting of the Advisory Council on Personnel Policy turned to Cook, mistakenly calling him Tim Apple, at the same moment instead of the name of Mr. Timothy, an updated version of it appeared on Twitter – a bitten branded apple.


Leave something worthy. And always remember that you cannot take it with you. You’re going to have to pass it on


Tim Cook


Relevance, novelty and prompt response to the challenges of the modern world are what Apple has been proud of throughout its existence. The fact that it became the first to officially reach a capitalization of $ 1 trillion, and then in just a few years – $ 2 trillion is also credited to Tim Cook. He managed to rationalize the creative ideas of Steve Jobs and brought the company to the top.

And even if the flagship smartphones iPhone, Mac computers and iPad tablets – the brainchild of Jobs, Apple Watch and AirPods appeared and became hits under Cook.




According to Timothy Donald Cook, in 2022 augmented reality will become Apple’s main technology trend. “This is a critically important part of Apple’s future,” stresses the CEO.

At the end of this year, the company will present a virtual reality headset that will compete with a smartphone, and in the next ten years will completely replace it.

The new headset from the “apple company” will be much more powerful than the iPhone, with a capacity no less than the MacBook. The AR-helmet of the headset will operate on Apple’s own chip and will allow communication, exchange of multimedia information, and play. Over time, the helmet transforms into compact glasses, which will not be more massive than ordinary sunglasses. The cost of the gadget is estimated at $ 500-900.

Apple CEO Tim Cook claims that the new gadget will be used not only in retail, companies, but also in such important industries as education and healthcare.

Health protection, by the way, is one of the priorities of the company. “I am convinced that the day will come when we will look back and say, ‘Apple’s greatest contribution to human development is healthcare,’” says Cook.

Since 2018, Apple employees have available telemedicine services in the AC Wellness network of clinics. On the iPhone, all medical records and data are available to company employees. The program in testing mode has so far covered a hundred American hospitals, but soon the entire US healthcare system will be available on a smartphone.


Our problems – in technology, in politics, wherever – are human problems. From the Garden of Eden to today, it is our humanity that got us into this mess, and it is our humanity that is going to have to get us out


Tim Cook


In the fall of 2021, the company presented the Apple Health app, a kind of aggregator of data on the state of the body – activity, sleep, awareness, nutrition. The app processes information from other fitness apps, as well as the Apple Watch, and reacts to any changes in the body.

“Apple doesn’t want to maximize users’ time. If you’re looking at your phone more than you’re looking into someone’s eyes, you’re doing the wrong thing,” says Tim Cook. One of the main challenges of modern times, he considers the preservation of human mental health.


"Diversity and inclusion, racial equity and injustice, these are all things that we need." Apple CEO Tim Cook - on the Vector of the Company's Development in 2022
The alleged look of Apple’s VR headset. Author: Julien Kervarrec /


By the way, Apple has been cooperating with the developers of the Shine mental health monitoring application for a long time and analyzes the mental state of customers based on information about the use of the iPhone.

Time spent on social networks is monitored by Apple’s Screen Time feature. In order to maintain mental health, it also suggests alternating Internet scrolling with meditations.




Another strategic direction for Apple for 2022 and beyond is online security.

In early December, at least nine iPhones belonging to US State Department officials were jailbroken using spyware, Reuters reported. Apple previously filed a lawsuit against the Israeli NSO Group to prosecute them for spying on Apple users.

“Technology can be used to make progress, optimize effort, and sometimes try to manipulate people’s thinking,” says Tim Cook. And he continues, “if we accept as normal and unavoidable that everything in our lives can be aggregated and sold, then we lose so much more than data. We lose the freedom to be human.”

Working on ethical AI and user privacy is one of the biggest challenges of the century, according to an Apple executive. Since the problem is global, then it is necessary to fight it at the level of governments and various companies in the world.

“We need other stakeholders to move in the same direction and establish public-private partnerships,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. “Diversity and inclusion, racial equity and injustice, these are all things that we need the whole of society moving forward on.”

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