Борис Бурда
Boris Burda
Journalist, writer, bard. Winner of the «Diamond Owl» intellectual game «What? Where? When?»

Catherine de’ Medici, a petite Italian lady with a significant political appetite, was queen of France through her marriage to Henry II and mom to a whole trio of kings — Francis II, Charles IX, and Henry III

Boris Burda - 28.01.2024

The great Faberge himself ordered the closure of his firm’s branch in Kyiv, saying that two bears in the same den are cramped. Who in Kyiv was able to make such a solid competition for such a jewelry monster? It is worth learning more about this person

Boris Burda - 21.01.2024

The famous physician Grigory Zakharyin, upon entering a patient’s room, ordered that the birdcages with birds be immediately taken out of it and that the pendulums at the clock be stopped. Only then would he take out this newly-fashioned device. Which one?

Boris Burda - 14.01.2024

Today is a truly significant date — the centenary of the birth of the Ukrainian film director, screenwriter, and artist Sergei Parajanov (1924–1990). His work had a significant impact on the world of cinema art

Boris Burda - 09.01.2024

Kyiv composer Petro Shchurovsky wrote the melody of the anthem of the royal family of Siam, which was that country’s national anthem until 1932. But an even more romantic note than the national anthem was introduced into the history of Thailand (then still Siam) by a woman from Kyiv…

Boris Burda - 07.01.2024

Alexander Genis, in his book «The American Alphabet», called THIS a phenomenon that weaves together space, time, and money. In New York City, there are now roughly 13,000 of these phenomena. So what is THIS?

Boris Burda - 31.12.2023

The tragic love story of Pedro I, heir to the Portuguese throne, and his beloved Inês de Castro. This legend remains one of the most romantic and tragic in Portuguese history and culture, symbolizing eternal and sacrificial love

Boris Burda - 24.12.2023

King Tupou IV of the oceanic state of Tonga loved to eat so badly that he reached a weight of 209.5 kilograms — who’s going to stop him, he’s the king! However, there was a solution for him: he began to lose weight by practicing sports, when this fact was mentioned in a book. Which one?

Boris Burda - 17.12.2023

Heinrich Schliemann found the ruins of the legendary Troy, described by Homer, which few believed actually existed. He discovered the Mycenaean civilization. All this he did without any special education. There are more important things. First, faith — he believed Homer and others did not. Secondly, hope for success — he never lost it. And if you have faith and hope, how can you not have love? In this he was unusually lucky — though, on the slope of years, but as few people are lucky…

Boris Burda - 10.12.2023

There are a few minor roles in this play, but basically it’s a theater of two actors, two different roles. One of them can earn fame and immense popularity, while for the other it is almost impossible – no one will let him on stage more than once. But this second actor can also deserve various awards. What is the highest?

Boris Burda - 03.12.2023

Its relations with Ukraine are getting better and may bear fruit. In the meantime, many are simply pleased that the girl, recognized by at least one poll as the sexiest in the world, was born on our land. However, who would doubt?

Boris Burda - 20.02.2022

In 1642, the royal quartermaster of Normandy was constantly engaged in complex and responsible work — the calculation of collected taxes. There were no computers and smartphones back then, so you had to add manually. It was hard, long and accompanied by mistakes. How did his son help him in this difficult work?

Boris Burda - 19.02.2022

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